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Does TNT’s Monday Mornings Have a Chance For Renewal or is it DOA?

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 03/18/2013

tumblr_mj7dsqPOMJ1rbre9qo1_500Does TNT’s Monday Mornings Have a Chance For Renewal or is it DOA?


Here’s some new Monday Mornings Scoop From Matt Roush’s Ask Matt, Monday, March 18th Q & A Post.



Question: I’m assuming that Monday Mornings is DOA and I’m trying to figure out why there’s no traction.  The cast is good, the focus of the M&M meetings is different. Is it the competition, the lead-in (a sagging Dallas), or are we sick of medical shows? — Elaine

Matt Roush: Over the last week, I got a flurry of cancellation-anxiety mail about Monday Mornings, and I wonder if that had something to do with it not getting a bump even on the night that J.R. was laid to rest on Dallas, which predictably caused a spike for that show’s ratings. Medical-drama fatigue could be a factor, because there hasn’t been a breakout show in that genre since Grey’s Anatomy (not counting its terrible spinoff), but it may be that the premise is just too downbeat and that the overt absurdism that has flavored many of Kelley’s recent hits is lacking here (I don’t mind that, personally). Whatever the cause, the prognosis for renewal looks pretty bleak. And should TNT decide to rally behind any of its low-rated dramas, I hope it would be Southland.


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