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Dredd 3D Interviews With Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/11/2012

Dredd 3d Olive and Urban InterviewsDredd 3D is really revving up the marketing. I just posted the new featurette from Dredd 3D, and now we have two new video interviews. The first video interview is with Judge Dredd himself, Karl Urban. The Second interview is with the lovely Olivia Thirlby.


Here’s the first interview. In it Karl Urban discusses the essence of his character, Judge Dredd. Saying, He’s the ultimate law man.” He also ┬áreveals some information I didn’t know. Mega city, the city Judge Dredd controls spans the entire eastern seaboard of the United States! Damn, that’s a big city. Hence the name, Mega City. The population is 400 million citizens! That more people that live in the entirety of the United States today.


Karl Urban also talks about the reboot and his fascination with the idea when he first heard whispers of it. He actually sought out a meeting with the filmmakers and it quickly became apparent to everyone one that they were all on the same page, and Karl Urban was the right man for the job. I agree. I’v always like Karl Urban, he’s just lacked a signature performance, maybe Dredd will be it.


Dredd Interview – Karl Urban


The second interview is with Olivia Thirlby who is all grown up and beautiful I might add. In the interview she lets us in on some interesting information. Apparently her character Judge Anderson is a mutant. She has been effected by a virus outside of Mega City. I know Olivia Thirlby has a unique beauty about her, but a mutant!? Oh, her mutation is of the brain, she isn’t deformed, she is just hyper sensitive to energy. Which makes her a great Judge.


Olivia Thirlby also talks up Karl Urban’s performance. He is this character Dredd in her mind. She says, “When that helmet goes on and that snarly voice manifests, he is Dredd.” She also enjoys working with him and the rest of the filmmakers. This was her first experience with 3D and she just had a ball making the film. Most of the time I’m cynical about these types of interviews, but I really do believe everyone involved in Dredd came out of it a better professional.

Dredd Interview – Olivia Thirlby


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