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Early Review: Upside Down (2012)

Written by   // 11/19/2012

Upside Down Movie ReviewEarly Review: Upside Down by CineMarvellous!

Brief review: Hitting US theaters on Dec 10 this year, “Upside Down” is the second feature film by Argentinian director Juan Diego Solanas, who manages to deliver one of the most extraordinary love stories ever made, meant to those willing to see something truly one-of-a-kind, both premise-wise and execution-wise. However, “Upside Down” is definitely not for everyone, as the whole idea of the movie is odd, and may be ‘too much to handle’ for more traditional viewers. Also, the forbidden love type of romance doesn’t feel sincere at first, but it gets more believable and charming as the movie progresses. Mixing sci-fi and romance is one movie is rarely a smart move, but Solanas blends these contradictory genres rather seamlessly, and with an exquisite sense of flair. He also deserves a lot of credit for his work in creating this movie on a purely technical note, because “Upside Down”is incredibly difficult to shoot and execute, considering its ‘upside down’ concept, and the fact that it requires great skills to be made properly. Visually, “Upside Down” has a lot going on about it, sometimes even more the eyes can take. The visuals are imaginative and nothing short of striking, and while there are a lot of CGIs involved, those are absolutely top-notch. Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess not only do an excellent job in their roles, but also share a great chemistry, and the supporting cast is pretty much on par.
Overall summary: Slightly pretentious and at times utterly peculiar, yet still engaging, “Upside Down” is an unusual love story full of originality, inventive ideas and stunning, never-seen-before imagery, that is further elevated by some solid performances from the cast involved.
Hits U.S. Theaters December 10, 2012
Overall CineMarvellous! Rating for “Upside Down” – 6.50 Stars Out of 10

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