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Eight New Images From Downton Abbey Season 3!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/29/2012

Eight New Images From Season 3 of Downton Abbey



Eight Great, New Images From Downton Abbey Season 3!



Downton AbbeyOh, Downton Abbey, the place we all wish we could live — as a Crawley of course. The Carnival Films produced period piece has gone Global. The reason? Wide spread appeal. Old, older, and young can sit down and equally enjoy Downton Abbey. How many shows can say that? No, really.


The thing about UK Shows is, they aren’t manufactured like American shows. In other words, Most UK Shows, be it Sherlock or Doctor Who, don’t run U.S. conventional 22 episode and 13 episode seasons. My point being, we don’t know when the magical journey will end or start up again.


The First season of Downton Abbey had 7 episodes. The Second season had 8 episodes and a Christmas Special. The third season has been contracted for 9 episodes, and a fourth season is up in the air.


I can tell you one thing, if Downton Abbey was produced in America, it’d have done three season of no less than 13 episodes and a fourth season would be without question, already on the slate. Why? Look at the ratings.


Between The UK and America, Downton Abbey does over 20 million viewers per episode. Those are Cosby Show Numbers. In other words, if the ratings were combined, Downton Abbey would be the Number one show on television, right there with, and above American Idol.


Downton Abbey is a smash and the two networks that house the show, ITV and PBS aren’t exactly the BBC and CBS. If Downton Abbey was on BBC One and CBS, the marketing budget would be double and every man, woman, and child would know what Downton Abbey was and what it was about. Meaning, it would probably do double the ratings on CBS, and BBC One.


So, you see, the ratings possibilities are endless and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good a show is, sadly, it matters how many people watch it. The good thing about Downton Abbey, it’s both great to watch and has awesome ratings. Let’s all hope Maggie Smith signs on for a fourth season — So, we can get on with it.





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