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Elementary ‘Bloody Brilliant’ Promo From CBS

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/28/2012

ElementaryNew, Elementary ‘Bloody Brilliant’ HD Promo From CBS



Here’s a new HD Promo for the new CBS Crime Drama, ‘Elementary.’ Creator Rob Doherty is the latest man to take a stab at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created consulting detective of deduction. This time it will be Jonny Lee Miller with the fictional pipe hanging off his lips. But can he stand up to Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes? That will be the inevitably question.


This Elementary promo doesn’t quite answer that question, actually it furthers the question. To play Sherlock best, you have to understand one thing, he thinks faster than he can speak and so he speak rapidly and almost in rhythm — meaning the actor must be very sharp in his own right.


Benedict Cumberbatch has mastered it to the point, that its a joy to watch the episodes of Sherlock a second time, just to pick up everything he is saying. In all the promo of ‘Elementary,’ I haven’t really seen Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock go off on an impulsive tirade of information yet. Sure, he’s written smartly, and obviously a genius, but that genius has to be manifested through the actor to make me believe it. Still waiting… But excited nonetheless. Look for Elementary¬†Thursday September 27, at 10pm on CBS.


Elementary ‘Bloody Brilliant’ Promo From CBS


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