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England: The New Hollywood?

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/17/2012

England: The New Hollywood?

Liquid Noise Film North just announced a film slate for England with a budget value of $200 million.





Independent film makers LIQUID NOISE FILMS NORTH are setting up a base in Newcastle to produce a slate of feature films based in Yorkshire and the North East of England. The company has acquired screenplays and literary properties with a value of £25 million and hopes to develop other projects in the coming year. All of the titles will feature locations in the North and already studio space has been identified in the area and agreements reached to produce films.

In an agreement with producers in Hollywood, Liquid Noise North will be bringing a $50 million movie to the North East next year, with the feature being primarily filmed in Hartlepool, York, Harrogate and Durham.


Films Under Development Include:


Fort Venus - a biopic of the early life of Captain James Cook that explores his relationship with his wife Elizabeth and his first voyage.

Vardo – a gritty crime drama set around a Newcastle Gypsy family.

Jack D’arc – a fantasy thriller set in the 1920′s.

The Vampyre Quartet – a teen chiller feature set in Whitby.

Lenin Athletic – comedy drama about a Russian billionaire who takes over a down at heel northern league football club.


In total, Liquid Noise North have a slate of nine films currently in development with a budget value of $200 million.

The company is a coming together of northern talent and features


Julian and Lionel Hicks who are seasoned film producers. Lionel Hicks is the former musician and music producer.


South Shields actor Craig Conway who appeared in Vera Drake, Dog Soldiers, and Romans 12 20


Joining the company is writer GP Taylor whose book Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box has just been turned into a multi million dollar Hollywood movie starring Michael Sheen, Sam Neill and Lena Heady.

Hicks said, “it is an exciting time in film making and locating a company outside London is essential. There is so much talent in the North East. We will be looking for local crew, background artists, investors and studio staff. With such a vibrant slate of movies I am so looking forward to the next couple of years. It isn’t very often that a film company can set up and so quickly be able to take things into production. The North East has so much to offer in regards to facilities and people that it makes the work of a producer so much easier and with so many ready made locations we would like to bring a little bit of Hollywood to this part of Britain. Our idea is to set up a repertory of actors, directors and crew which was once the tradition in the heyday of the British film industry.”


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