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Enlightened 2×02 Revenge Play Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/21/2013


Enlightened 2×02 Revenge Play Recap and Review

This week’s Enlightened starts with Amy on the warpath while we listen to her voice over talking about the difference between having good intentions and actually doing something about them. Amy then goes into a hallway with Tyler. Amy says she wants to use Tyler’s password to break into the company’s e-mails again. Tyler is unsure of this b/c he is worried about getting fired…or ending relationships w/ the company when he gets fired anyway. Amy is sure that if everyone in the basement knew they were about to get fired, they would support their rather illegal decisions. Tyler then excuses himself to the bathroom. Amy goes back in the office and thinks to herself how powerful she thinks she is.


When Amy is at lunch in the courtyard overseeing her more successful co-workers from a distance, she feels she has had enough and calls Jeff and leaves a flattering voice mails and tells him she wants to help bring the company down.


That evening, Amy and Tyler meet Jeff in a bar that Jeff’s college/Peace Corps friend owns. Amy is so excited, she begins to annoy everyone in the bar. Jeff then talks about all of the awful things he already knows Abaddon is doing and how evil the CEO is. Jeff wants Amy to break into the CEO’s account. Jeff tells Amy to make sure that she knows how much fallout there will be from breaking this story.


Amy then imagines four black cars converging in the Abaddon parking lot. Lots of FBI agents get out with Amy following them. Her co-workers are all standing outside, admiring her for once. Amy gives them a thumbs up. The CEO is then arrested and brought toward Amy in handcuffs. She suddenly sees her friend, Krista, in handcuffs and looks worried as the elevator door is closing.


Amy then wakes up to the tune of a police siren in her neighborhood. That morning, she is eating breakfast with Helen when Tyler calls her on his cell phone. He says that the breach of security has been detected and is freaking out. Amy tries to reassure him, but Tyler hangs up, only assured of them getting fired. Helen wants to make sure Amy is not doing anything strange at work, but Amy says she isn’t.


At Abaddon, Amy asks Tyler what is going on. Tyler says that the executives couldn’t get into their accounts b/c Amy was already logged in, so they’re doing a diagnostic. Amy then notices that Omar is staring at her. Amy then tells Tyler to talk to her in the kitchen. As they are talking, Omar enters the kitchen and asks what is going on with them. Amy denies anything strange is going on between them. Amy then givens a BS explanation about Tyler is helping her sell things on the computer. Omar then asks if they are dating, but Amy denies it. Omar then says it would be strange for Amy to date Tyler b/c of his skin tone, which in his native country, would cause a child to be perceived as a devil and killed. Omar then leaves, seemingly reassured. Amy then apologizes to the disheveled Tyler.


Dougie then enters the office and announces the security breach and tells them the IT people are coming the next day. Tyler seems even more worried.


Outside, Tyler says he cannot function anymore with Omar questioning their every move. Amy tries to reassure him that they are doing what they need to do. Suddenly, an ambulance comes and Krista is led away on a gurney. Amy looks upset and runs toward her. Amy then asks some of her co-workers what happened and they say she just started vomiting. Amy asks what hospital they took her to. They tell her and Amy runs to get there.


At the hospital, Amy is denied entrance to Krista b/c she is not family and is told to go to a waiting room. Luckily, Amy sees Steve and Janice talking to doctors. Janice tells her that Krista is conscious but is having pregnancy complications. Amy wants to see Krista b/c she once had a miscarriage, but Janice says she cannot since she isn’t family. Amy asks why she can go and Janice says b/c she’s Krista’s best friend. Amy then brings up that she got Krista hired and introduced them. Janice doesn’t take any of that seriously and walks away quite rudely.


Amy then returns home and Helen notices that she is upset. Amy tells her about Krista and how she doesn’t like her anymore. Helen then gives her a pillow and tells her to try to give it to Krista to set things right. Amy says nothing will set anything right in her world and goes to bed.


The next day, Amy goes to Abaddon to find an IT person at her computer. Tyler signals her to meet him in the hallway. Tyler then says he switched her hard drive with someone else’s during the night. While the IT man continues to look at other computers, Amy calls Harper to get an update on Krista and leaves a voice mail. Connie asks about it and Amy tells her about Krista. Amy then asks Connie if she thinks if you put out good energy, you will get good. Connie says that’s impossible b/c it’s all God’s will. Amy says she feels she causes Krista’s problems to happen b/c she wished it. Connie then wants to pray for her with Amy, who agrees to. The IT man then inspects Omar’s computer, sees that it is the hard drive they are looking for, asks him his name, and then signals to the other IT man. They leave to report him to Dougie as Tyler watches with guilt on his face. Two people then arrive as Amy talks to Harper about Krista’s increasingly better condition. Amy asks if she is allowed visitors and is told yes. Amy then leaves to go to the hospital. Tyler and the rest of the workers watch Omar freak out and deny doing anything wrong as the IT people tell him to go upstairs.


Amy then arrives at the hospital and asks a nurse if she could see Krista. Amy has brought the gift of hand sanitizer and asks if she could say hello to her. The nurse agrees and Amy excitedly enters. The nurse leaves and Amy asks what is wrong. Krista says that her blood pressure is skyrocketing and she might have to have her baby early. Amy then gives her the pillow Helen made. Amy then tells her how concerned she was for her when she saw her in the ambulance, but Krista wants none of it so she doesn’t get excited and needs to rest. Amy then leaves, unsure if anything has been resolved.


Amy then returns to Abaddon’s parking lot to find Omar leaving with a box. Omar says he was fired b/c they think he hacked the system. Omar thinks it’s b/c of where he is from. Amy just hugs him. Omar says he’s going to sue Abaddon for racism and speeds away.


Amy gets to the office to find Dougie standing by Omar’s desk. She apologizes for being late since she was seeing Krista and Dougie tells her that Omar was fired. Dougie vows to get to the bottom of it and Amy says he should. Amy then asks Tyler what is going on and Tyler admits to framing him. Tyler says he’s been too nice and says he wants to take them all down b/c of Amy’s reaping what you sow advice.


Amy’s voiceover then asks what good is and what is she really fighting for. She then realizes that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that’s exactly what she has as she stares at the empty desk.


Another great, perfectly paced episode of Enlightened. I really liked Tyler’s roundabout. His motivations are becoming actually interesting. Amy didn’t come off as too shrewd this time around. Her concerns for Krista seemed real and not out of pure selfishness. You can tell Krista wants nothing to do with her, but it doesn’t feel deserved. One can only hope Omar gets his justice before everyone else gets fired. Will Amy get what she want, or realize that maybe she will realize that she cannot handle what she really wants. Will they use the password again? I am guessing yes. After all, there are plenty of other computers in that office to switch with, including Dougie’s. There are consequences for requesting power you really don’t have. I seriously cannot wait to see how this pans out.



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