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Entire For Better Or Worse Episode Revolves Around Bobbi Kristina’s Character

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/10/2012

Bobbi Kristina For Better or Worse Tyler PerryEntire For Better Or Worse Episode Revolves Around Bobbi Kristina’s Character

A Note from Tyler Perry on Tonight’s Bobbi Kristina Character-Centred Episode on For Better Or Worse:

“Remember when I told you that Bobbi Kristina was so good that I went back and wrote a whole episode of For Better Or Worse around her? Well that episode airs tonight on TBS at 9/8c. THE ENTIRE SHOW REVOLVES AROUND HER CHARACTER!! It’s great and she delivers. It’s also the one I was most nervous for her about because the whole story is about her character and her mother’s character, played by Cocoa Brown. All you single mothers will appreciate this show tonight. I know you will. You’ll be hitting me up bigtime with your messages about this one and I’ll be reading… LOL. For Better or Worse tonight on TBS!

In other News From Tyler Perry:

And as for House of Payne, the last two of the 254 episodes air tonight on TBS at 8/7c. I’ve seen all your complaints about this being the last show. I know that millions of you still love it and tune in to it every week. To tell you the truth, I’m not ready to say goodbye to the Payne family either. I think there’s still some life left in the show and that great cast. I guess we’ll see.”

Yesterday would have been Whitney Houston’s 49th Birthday. Bobbi Kristina Got a “WH” tattoo yesterday and tweeted,  ”Tat tat tatted YURP.. ;)  now your truly ALWAYS with us mommy (: we love you,”

Whitney Houston’s final film, “Sparkle,” will hit theaters August 17.

Tyler Perry Talks About Bobbi Kristina’s Acting Skills:


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