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Eureka: Episode 510 Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/26/2012

EurekaEureka (Syfy) - The Honeymooners – Season 5, Episode 10 Recap

First, let me say I love Syfy’s Eureka.  I have always loved Eureka.  The fact that this is the final season had me pretty upset for a while, but all good things must come to an end, I suppose.  This season of Eureka has been hilarious, and with only three shows left, it will (I hope) continue to be hilarious.

Monday’s episode of Eureka was no exception.  Jack and Allison are off on their honeymoon, but have very different ideas on the concept of “romantic getaway.”  There is a very run-down cabin in the woods that was left to Jack from the previous sheriff, and he thinks it would be great for he and Allison to work on restoring the place.  On their honeymoon.

While Jack tries to convince Allison what a great idea this is, he steps through some floorboards to find a locked safe buried under the cabin. Andy is summoned to open the safe, and take the contents back to Eureka.

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Andy dutifully delivers the information to Jo at Global Dynamics, but is like a giggly little kid at having access to the information. Unable to restrain himself, he tells Vincent about the contents, which means Vincent spills to the entire town.

Meanwhile, Grace returns to help Henry, Zane, and Fargo download Holly’s consciousness into a new body. While Holly’s mind is successfully downloaded, she is becoming increasingly delusional, believing they are all still in the matrix. When she sees Jack she panics, taking his gun from him to shoot and kill him “this time.” As Fargo steps in front of Jack to protect him from Holly, she realizes what’s going on and breaks down into tears, backing away from everyone. Fargo now realizes, as everyone else does, that Holly’s consciousness must be rebooted to save her.

Jo meanwhile is trying to discover Beverly’s cohorts in the espionage case, which is the information contained in Andy’s secret documents. She and Henry set a trap to see who shows up to steal the disk, only to find Grace slipping the disk out of the computer. Grace insists she stopped helping Beverly before things became deadly, and is trying to protect someone else from being discovered – Henry.

Allison then returns to Jack at the cabin, to help him make the cabin livable, but their next vacation? Fiji!


Eureka – The Honeymooners Episode 510:


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