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Eureka Episode 513 Recap – Series Finale

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/20/2012

Eureka Season 5Eureka – Season 5, Episode 513 Recap

Just Another Day

Series Finale of Eureka

So this week marked the final episode of Eureka on Syfy. I managed to keep it together until the very end. Well… almost.

At this point, the Department of Defense (DOD) has decided to close Global Dynamics (GD) and shut down the town of Eureka. After everything the town has been through, emotions are running high for almost everyone.

Jo and Zane, however, are trying to hold back their emotions from each other. Neither will tell the other what they’re really feeling, so they both think the other doesn’t care, and they will go their separate ways.

Jack’s daughter Zoe comes to town to say goodbye, and as she and Jack are driving into town, they run right through a wormhole and almost run over Fargo, who is holding a sit-in in the middle of GD to protest the DOD’s closure, and the fact they have shown up six weeks early to disassemble and move out all the equipment.

During the process of the show, they figure out that Zane downloading information on Grace for Henry has caused the multiple wormholes threatening Eureka. At one point, Andy is broken into multiple pieces by two intersecting wormholes which, of course, threaten to do the same thing to all the human residents.

Jack then utilizes Fargo’s strong force amplifier, and jumps into a wormhole, hoping the amplifier will close all the wormholes at once. Flying through the wormhole, Jack’s life flashes before his eyes. He then lands near the Archimedes statue, safe and sore.

Meanwhile, Fargo has contacted Trevor Grant, one of Eureka’s cofounders, who hitchhiked to Eureka on last season’s new timeline. He is now a billionaire, and has agreed to purchase Eureka and GD, and has made Henry head of GD since Fargo resigned to join Holly’s top-secret government project.

Grace is returned to Henry, based on an anonymous tip (from Beverly) to the DOD turning in Senator Wen in exchange for Grace’s release.

Finally, Jo is ready to admit to her feelings for Zane, and proposes to him in Jack’s jailhouse, Eureka Finale Photowhere they first met. Zane happily agrees, and long kiss ensues. Allison is very happy Jack has decided Eureka is “home” and that he wants to stay, because she wants to raise their baby there.

While Jack and Zoe are on their way to the airport, they pass another car on the road. On closer inspection, they realize the other car is them from when they first arrived in Eureka.

Zoe, a bit shaken, asks Jack if he saw that. Jack responds, “I’ll worry about that tomorrow.”

Farewell, Eureka. It’s been a fun ride!


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