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Exclusive Interview with the director and stars of Îngloda

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 03/05/2013

InglodaExclusive Interview with the director and stars of “Îngloda”

Plot Summary: Kelly (Lauren Davish) is your everyday young woman just trying to get by in life with her two best friends Kacy (Rachel Worrell) and Nikki (Amber Figueroa). Kelly carries scars from her past, with her father dying at a very young age and her mother leaving her. Kelly, now at age twenty-four, is coming to terms with her past. After finding out her father didn’t die the way she thought, she tips over the edge. She begins to experience out of body hallucinations and begins to spiral down to a deep dark depression. Kacy and Nikki try their hardest to help her while Kelly begins to realize that “The most frightening things in life are buried deep inside us”. Will Kelly pull herself out or will she slowly slip into îngloda?



How did you come up with the idea for Îngloda?

How I came up with the idea for this film is odd. I had to write the screenplay fairly fast which I realize now was great because I didn’t have time to think about other movies I liked or those horror “clichés” you see in everything. I knew I wanted to do it independent and I knew about how much money we would have, so I just wrote from the heart and in within our means. 


How did you go about casting the movie?

We put out a casting call for the parts of Kelly, Kacy and Nikki on casting websites and other sites like Indeed, etc. Then we rented out the cheapest studio in Philly we could find to hold our auditions at. We had about 75 to 100 actresses send in headshots and we auditioned about 15 people. Out of those 15, we found our wonderful cast of Lauren Davish as Kelly, Amber Figueroa as Nikki and Rachel Worrell as Kacy. 

 Ingloda Poster

What is it like working with the cast and crew? 

Working with the cast and crew has been such a blast for me! Shooting is when I am at my fullest. I love working with the actors and collaborating on the scene. Shooting can get extremely stressful at times, and it is a blessing to have such a wonderful and talented team to work with. 


Are there certain film festivals that you plan on sending “Ingloda” to? 

Right now we are looking at certain festivals to send too, we want to try and hit a few of the big ones but I think for this one we will be hitting a lot of the genre festivals. Right now we are budgeted to submit to 16 film festivals starting in June 2013. 


How did you get into filmmaking?

How I got into film making is a long boring story, so I’ll give you the short version. One Sunday, when I was just about six years old, I was flipping through the TV stations with my dad. He stopped on Jaws and I was locked in! I knew after watching that movie I wanted to do that. I didn’t know what “that” was until my mom said I wanted to write and direct. From six on it was a flame burning in me to tell stories and entertain people. I love watching peoples reactions to film. 


Who was been your biggest support throughout the way?

Frederick InglodaMy biggest support along the way would have to be my wife, mom, my brother Matt, and my two best friends and co-owners of On-Ride Entertainment, EJ and Rob. These were the people who always told me and pushed me to accomplish my dreams. I wouldn’t be directing if it wasn’t for them.  


Do you have any favorite directors?

My all time favorite director would have to be Steven Spielberg because if it wasn’t for him and his film Jaws, I would probably not be doing this. I have looked up to other directors along the way like Eli Roth, Tobe Hooper, Ti West and Todd Phillips to name a few. 




What made you audition for Ingloda?


Lauren [Kelly]: I was bored one night and didn’t feel like doing homework, so I started looking for auditions on and came across a listing titled “feature film.” I actually tried applying for a supporting role, but the website wouldn’t let me. So I submitted for the lead role, which strangely worked. I heard from Everett, our producer, right away, saying that they would keep me updated on when and where the auditions would be. Flash-forward to November, I finally went to the audition and almost drove away. They were held in quite the sh**ty part of North Philly, in some decrepit building that looked like it had seen some things in its day. I was like, Okay, I have two choices here: I can take the chance, and if this ends up being some shady operation, at least I died trying; or I can take the safe route and keep driving. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I didn’t drive away. (PS, the inside of that building was BEAUTIFUL — don’t judge a book by its cover)


Amber [Nikki]: I had recently auditioned for the second round of the 2013 American Idol auditions and bombed. I was pretty bitter. I remember being on twitter tearing people apart verbally. Whoever had tweeted, I was the one commenting on what they said, being a complete d**k. Just so happens our director Brian was on talking about his project “Ingloda” & I decided to be an a**hole at the time due to being bitter about the recent audition. I believe I replied withAmber Figueroa something like “must be nice, so… Why doesn’t somebody put me in a f***ing movie… What am I? F***ing Chopped liver?” and strangely Brian replied to me with a website saying “Why don’t you start by filling out an application through us along with a headshot?” He completely shut me up. I filled one out, sent in a headshot, and Everett called me the next day, stating how Brian was really excited for me to audition because when he was writing the part of NIKKI, he thought of me. Not exactly me, but he has said “when I wrote Nikki I envisioned you to a tee and then poof! There you were!” & funny thing was, he was about to re-write the character because no one suited the role until he came across my headshot. So, they gave me an audition slot and I auditioned! I figured why the hell not ya know? What did I have to lose?


Rachel [Kacy]: I auditioned for two short films before this, and they didn’t work out; and I am so thankful they didn’t. It just didn’t feel right at the audition, or I didn’t look the part. I somehow came across On-Ride through Google. I read the description they were looking for, submitted my headshot and resume, and a few days later, they emailed me asking me to come in to audition. Mind you, the audition place wasn’t the greatest, looking like a scene out of a porno slasher; but it had character. The girl I was auditioning with got a full ride to NYU for acting, so that made me a bit nervous. A day later I got a call what made it seem like I didn’t get the part. The whole “thank you for coming out, we really appreciate it”, but I was so relieved when they told me the good news. 


What do you like most about your character?


Lauren: I was a little nervous about Kelly by her description for the audition and with the sides I had been given to prepare. But once I read the script, my opinion totally changed. Kelly, I found, is Lauren Inglodajust a normal girl. She is smart, she’s got a dry sense of humor, feels insecure at times, and loves her friends more than anything in the world. I have loved developing her as a character. Yes, she ”loses her grip on reality”…but I think once everyone sees the film from beginning to end, they’ll understand why I can say that almost everyone can relate to her. You may not say it out loud, but trust me you’ll be thinking it ;)


Amber:  I love that NIKKI’s a sarcastic a**hole full of dry humor.  She’s the definition of a “freebird”. NIKKI also has a pretty sad home life in which no one really pays attention to her, but you can tell she has a lot of walls up in fear of getting hurt. Hence where the sarcasm comes from! I really like how Brian has given me the complete freedom of improving most of NIKKI’s lines. So I’ve taken NIKKI for what she truly is and put my own spin on her and it’s been a blast. I also feel she’s bi-polar with her emotions. She can be happy and witty one minute, motherly and caring the next, then go to extreme lows. I’ve had a blast with this character so far! 


Rachel: I like how Kacy is very timid with her actions and it really shows. She’s the shy one out of the group. She loves both Kelly and Nikki, as if they’re really her family. Since she has such a struggle with her past, with her father and her situation with her mother, it’s definitely a different outlook on the whole film than Kelly and Nikki. I love how she will do anything for both of them, no matter the time or the place; she will drop everything and take care of them. Kacy and I have quite a bit in common with our past, and with situations we have been dealt, with both with our family and our friends. 




What is working with Brian and the rest of the cast and crew like?


Lauren: Well. Where do I start? Brian is just an awesome director. Before every scene, he sits down with us and goes over where he thinks we should take it, asks our opinions, and trusts our judgment. He has these crazy visions for scenes. Sometimes I’m like, “are you sure this is gonna work?” and it turns out looking amazing. Not to mention the fact that after every “crazy Kelly” scene, Brian’s always making sure I’m okay, and asking, “Is Lauren still in there?”


Everett, our producer, is really great about being sure we can go to him for any and every question we have. He handles the business side of everything, the things that no one else really wants to look at or deal with. Everett definitely makes things fun, and totally lightens up the mood when I’m in full-on crazy mode and he goes, “I just wanna tell you…you look like a hot mess.” Thanks, Everett.


Jackie, [the 1st Assistant Director], is amazing at her job. Not only is she professional, but she is so much fun. And TALENTED! Jackie has had so many great ideas for the scenes, and has a really good eye for “what looks good.” She will absolutely be a director one day. One day very soon.


Speaking of having an amazing eye, Rob, our DP, is just crazy good with a camera. Good is not the word. He pretty much becomes one with the camera (Can I say LOL here?). Everything Rob does comes out looking incredible. What a talented guy. Not to mention, that he’s just Rob. 


And Jaimie, where do I start? Jaimie is the reason I am able to look like a crazy “hot mess.” She makes sure I look as hideous as possible for when Kelly really loses her s**t. Oh, and her special effects skills? Insane (no pun intended). God, I cannot wait until I can spill the greatest special effect Jaimie has done in the movie… but that would be giving away too much. She’s also a screenwriter, and let me tell you, she has some crazy good ideas. There’s no doubt in my mind Jaimie will have a full-running TV series very, very soon.


Destiney, our production manager, does so much behind the scenes stuff. Destiney keeps the business part of us organized, and we can’t forget the daily safety meetings. Had it not been for Destiney, we may have burnt down a set by now, or possibly played with knives in the wrong manner. She also brings the BEST snacks, and is so much fun to be around. 


Rachel, our Kacy, just has a heart of gold. She could not be more perfect for the role of Kacy, because in real life she is that great, positive friend that every one wishes they had, the one who checks in daily with a text saying, ‘Hey how’s your day going?’ She brings so much positive energy to set. Rachel is such a talented actress, and has a long road ahead of her in this business, whether as an actress, director, or wherever life may take her.



Amber, our Nikki, is not only an amazing actress, but an incredible musician as well. She’s got this artistic vibe about her that rubs off on you the minute you have a conversation with her, not to mention she’s HILARIOUS. She always has everyone on set peeing their pants. Amber absolutely cannot fail in this industry. Not only does she have the talent, but she’s got the drive too.


I can say about both Rachel and Amber that I am truthfully shocked at the connection that I’ve made with them. Not only artistically, but these girls, along with the rest of the cast and crew, I will undoubtedly remain friends with long after Ingloda, as we all plan to work on future projects together. Every single one of them was born to do this. I feel like the universe has been waiting and plotting for us all to get together and create something HUGE. Just wait.


Amber: I give them props for dealing with my crazy a** so they’re alright with me I guess. Brian’s vision is superb and he has actually inspired me to start writing again. Everett is always a pleasure, and Rob is SooOooo funny. I’m not even sure if he is aware of how funny he actually is. Jackie our assistant director is amazingly talented and should be directing her own films in my personal opinion, but Brian saw that I suppose and had to snatch her up before anyone else did. Her vision is one I plan to work with on future projects for sure. Jaimie our makeup artist is HILARIOUS. And she should probably start acting. But she’d rather do the special FX thing, which she’s done a sick a** job on. I remember her dropping me off homemade chicken vegetable noodle soup when I was sick before too. She’s my mother hen :) Rachel (Kacy) is my twin. We both have a love for horror movies & movies in general. She’s super funny and although I do love her character in the movie, I feel like she needs to break out and play a funny role. (which will be happening very soon) She’s also a director in the making so just look out for this one. If you come across a gory blood filled movie in the near future, chances are, it’ll be hers. Lauren (Kelly) is f**king bat s**t crazy. Shoot girl, you ain’t foolin’ anybody! She is an absolute treat to work with, very flexible in her craft. I would have to say overall extremely talented and when I’m on set with her, she’s 100% in the game at all times. This is where she belongs!! You can easily tell through her character how devoted she is and how she completely understands who Kelly is. In my opinion, Kelly is the hardest character to bring to life being that she’s so hot & cold all the time. And between me and you, Lauren is such a little theatre/acting nerd. She thinks I don’t know but oh, I know. Here’s to you nerd, we shall rule the acting world soon you & I ;) I’m purposely writing projects I can put them all on so we can grow not only as a family but as creative individuals as well. With this group, I’m given the freedom to be me and I come to find through all of this that I have a lot more to offer including talent I’ve been unaware of for a long time. I will end by saying I am absolutely head over heels in love with them all and I couldn’t imagine my life now without them. They all saved me in ways they will never understand. I’m gonna stop getting all emotional cause that’s weak sauce doe lol… 


Rachel: Oh goodness, it has been a dream and such a pleasure to work with other people going after their goals and dreams. In the short time that we have been filming and working together, IRachel Ingloda feel like I have known them for years. Everyone brings something different to the table. We’re all different in our own way, but yet we can work so well together and create something. They’re all brilliant and will succeed in anything they do with film whether it’s behind or in front of the camera : ) As for the other girls I am filming with, Lauren and Amber; oh gosh they are so brilliant and are going to kill it in this film! They have no idea how thankful I am to be working with them, as they have showed me so much in such a short amount of time. We all became really close, and I will remain best friends with them as well as everyone on this film. Be on the look out for everyone who is working on this film, they are going to change the film industry for the better : )


How do you think audiences will react to the movie?


Lauren: I think audiences will not be able to help but like this movie. Yes, it is a psychological thriller/horror… however, it’s also funny and relatable. You will laugh, cry, cover your eyes, and maybe have nightmares. But most of all, you will get a message out of Ingloda. You will want to watch the whole thing over again when all of the pieces fall together. I absolutely cannot wait for audiences to see this film.


Amber:  I’m hoping they enjoy the building suspense. That’s what this movie does and I love movies that build suspense. I feel not only will the movie shock people, but it will challenge the mind and leave you wanting more. It is different from so many movies, so I hope it gets recognized for it’s creativity. If I could sum it up in three words… “Absolute Mind F**k!”


Rachel: I hope they see the suspense and terror that it brings to the screen. One minute you can fall in love with a character, and the next they go off the deep end and just cause madness. It’s such a twist, and so unique that I hope people realize that this is a new wave for films. The hard work and dedication that has been going into this will show as well, and I hope people truly see how it screws with your head. 


What made you get into acting?


Lauren: Well, as the same old story goes, this has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. My aunt recently reminded me that I used to name every family member of mine after a Disney character, or some other cartoon character… Belle, Tinker Bell, Raggedy Ann and Andy…there was really no coordination. I lived my childhood playing make-believe. In 5th grade I “adapted” the play Annie with my best friend, and we pretty much forced our class to practice everyday and perform it in front of the whole school. I played Annie, and it was then I felt like I found what I wanted to do with my life. At 11 years old. The problem was, I gave it up in high school. But these things don’t leave you. When you’re an artist, there’s no helping it. It’s not what you “choose” to be. It’s who you are. I am an actress and a writer. At 21, I had this revelation. I was no longer in control of “deciding” whether I wanted to do it or not. I started taking acting classes, and then private sessions with my acting coach, Donald McKenna. He really helped me to develop as an actor. However, when the audition for ingloda came about, I told myself that if I didn’t get this part, I was going to take a long break from acting to focus on school and eventually move to New York to get back into it, because I wasn’t getting jobs in Philly. Well, the universe just did not let that happen, did it?


Amber:  Two words. JIM CARREY! Yes, Jim Carrey in the movie “The Mask” is what sent this mind ticking. I was very young at the time & I remember watching a scene & then pausing the movie and trying to mimic it in it’s entirety in the mirror until I mastered the scene. I wanted to be just like him and spin myself into another person. A person that was free to do as she pleases. A free bird that everyone favored. I had a very rough, dark & lonely childhood so I would lose myself in his acting & movies. They would initially get me through the rough times. If I ever had a chance to meet him I would most likely have a break down in tears thanking him for saving me from my sanity as a kid and keeping me occupied enough so that I wouldn’t notice how s***ty I actually had it growing up. I spent a lot of time by myself, fending for myself and to any other kid they would’ve said they were neglected. I ignored that fact and trusted in Jim Carrey. He gave me a reason to pursue my dreams. I started watching him on “In Living Color” and, being the only white male, he killed it! And even now I find him mind blowing. He gave “Over Acting” a whole new ball game and turned it into a new comedic style that I see a lot more actors and actresses using now! Jim Carrey, I love you man!! You truly are the Bruce Almighty in my heart :)   It’s funny… I would sit in the mirror for hours talking to myself pretending to be him And I found that normal?!


Rachel: Ever since I was little, I always was so intrigued by seeing people I look up to transform themselves into a completely different person. My mom and I would watch SNL every week and it was such a new feeling to see people just having fun like that. It’s playing dress up for three months, and being someone you’d thought you would never be. The whole concept of films, the progress, the dedication, the trailers; everything about it I fall in love with over and over again. The progress of getting into character has always made me interested too. You could have the worst day as yourself, but once you change your clothes and put makeup on and be the person on the screen; those 20 minutes as someone else can be the best 20 minutes of your life. I’ve always been a horror movie freak, and could watch them over and over again. I feel the bloodier the better, and just the suspense of it is what pulls you in. The fact of knowing that it isn’t real, but yet it still scares the s**t out of you, has always made me want to be in films. When I was little, I was obsessed with basketball and I would always get goosebumps watching it on TV, or seeing a commercial about it (weird, I know). I never had that feeling again except with film. Every trailer, the way they fit the music perfectly with it, or seeing someone you look up to be in their character saying a line. I always wanted to direct, but I always thought acting would be just as fun too, so I took a few acting classes in college, and I fell head over heels for it. 


Who has been your biggest support along the way?


Lauren: My family always told me to follow my dreams. My grandmom told me I could do whatever I wanted, as long as I put my mind to it. My mom taught me how to fight for what I want, and to never give up. And my friends, they have just been awesome. They always told me that I needed to get back into acting, and when I did, they immediately starting saying things to me like, ”when you become famous”. They’re incredible. My boyfriend, Mark, has shown me more support than I could’ve ever imagined a boyfriend would. He’s listened to me from the beginning of our relationship, when I was just starting to think about getting back into acting, and always encouraged me to do so. He listens now as I ramble about how much I love what I’m doing. I’d probably get sick of it. He just tells me how happy he is for me. Donald, my acting coach, is the reason I didn’t give up when I wanted to. I feel like he saw something in me that I didn’t, and whenever he saw the slightest bit of me falling off my acting wagon, he’d always reassure me that things were going to happen for me. And if you didn’t get it from my answer above, the entire cast and crew of Ingloda are amazing supporters. Every single person on that set just wants to see everyone succeed. It’s a really, really great feeling, because I believe that’s hard to find in this industry.


Amber:  Everyone on this project has been extremely supportive. But I’m also very blessed to have such an amazing family as well as amazing friends. My friends are there every time we need extras and they volunteer their time with no questions asked! My boyfriend, Kaleb, has been my rock throughout this whole adventure. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be with someone who understands and supports your choice of career. That’s important. He’s also a wicked talented artist who I hope to one day collaborate with on a cartoon show, movie.. ;) I am also extremely spiritual and believe this all wouldn’t be possible without the “big man upstairs”. He really looked out for me and set things in motion. I mean this all started on twitter. Every time I think about that, I know it had to of been a miracle. The “big man upstairs” has been my BIGGEST support along the way. He brought me back to life for a reason and I believe this is the beginning of that reason. :) 


Rachel: -My family and friends without a doubt!!! They are my rock, my best friends, and the reason why I am here today. They are so supportive and have sacrificed things to help me benefit with this, and I could not say thank you enough to them. I’ve been through a lot, and seriously, without any of them I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I’m so blessed and thankful to have such goodhearted people in my life, especially the ‘Man with the Plan’. He has showed me that when one door closes, another one opens to bigger and better things; and that in the end it will all work out and be okay. Not to mention the cast!!! They are my family and I seriously would not be here if it wasn’t for them either. It’s such a great feeling to work with people that you care about, and I love going to set to see them :)


Do you have any favorite actors or actresses?


Lauren: I’m in love with Sandra Bullock. I’ve always said I want to be an actress like her. I think she’s so talented as both an actress and director. I also am in love with Denzel Washington. As if he didn’t amaze me before, his performance in Flight was incredible. I think Julia Roberts is awesome, Natalie Portman, Tom Hanks, and I’ve seen every Adam Sandler movie and am pretty sure we’re having an affair. I really look for actors who can develop their characters so well, they can play almost any role. That’s the kind of actor I want to be.


Amber:  YES! Jim Carrey will always be my favorite… But I could go on all day. I love any improv actor/actress. To me, that’s raw talent not many have so I’ll name a few who inspire me to be better: Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy, Adam Sandler & his crew (grandmas boy), Will Ferrel & his SNL crew (Step Brothers being my favorite) Anna Ferris, and all the actors/actresses from my favorite TV show “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. I feel as though the “always sunny” crew is one of my favorites because they are so real & raw I can appreciate their craft and writing. I would give my left nipple to work with any of them. I also have an extreme love for Rebel Wilson & Melissa McCarthy. And if anyone chooses to come at either if them for their weight (As I read recently & was sickened by) I will f**king cut off their limbs!! Okay so I’m only half serious but those ladies are incredible actresses and they’re hilarious! I don’t feel their image has anything to do with their craft. If I wrote a comedy piece I would hire them almost immediately, without an audition process. I do however also LOVE horror & thrillers and I absolutely adore Christian Bale in the movie “American Psycho”. Not only is he dreamy, but his acting is absolutely stunning in that movie. A pure work of art. I also favor Jude Law, Johnny Depp & (R.I.P) Heath Ledger. 


Rachel: Too many to name!!! Although he isn’t an actor (besides being part of his films), Alfred Hitchcock. His vision at the time opened up so many doors for directors and actors, that half of the films we have now wouldn’t be where they are today. I have a bad obsession with Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth. Again, their vision is out of this world. Going old school, Clark Gable, James Stewart, the lovely Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Bradley Cooper, Daniel Day Lewis, Meryl Streep (seriously, no brainer), Jon Hamm, pretty much the whole cast of SNL from the 70′s-2011 (give or take a few people), Bill Murray, Adam Sandler, Boris Karloff, Bella Lugosi, Lon Chaney and Lon Chaney Jr., Jennifer Lawrence, Danny McBride, James Franco and his babe of a brother, Anthony Hopkins and tons of more people. I love actors that are different, that don’t play the typical actress or actor and just do their own thing and have fun doing it : )


Îngloda is currently being filmed in the Greater Philadelphia Area. It is set to be released in late 2013. It is director Brian Targett’s first feature film.


On-Ride Entertainment

“On-Ride Entertainment, L.L.C., commonly referred to as On-Ride Entertainment, is an independent film production company based in the Greater Philadelphia Area. We write, direct, produce, and shoot our own short and feature-length films. Future plans include moving into music and television production and moving our operations to more lucrative and opportunistic areas.”


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