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Eye on Emmy 2012: Revenge’s Emily VanCamp Talks Emily Thorne

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/12/2012

Emily VanCampEye on Emmy 2012: Revenge’s Emily VanCamp

Here’s an interview that Emily VanCamp did with Team TVLine. In the interview Emily VanCamp talks about the casting process she went through for Revenge, her experiences with shooting the pilot, her thoughts on Charlotte being her sister, and the character Emily in general. Here’s an excerpt from the article where Emily VanCamp talks about being cast as Emily Thorne and her thoughts on the writers ability to make Emily be a character that viewers and can sympathize with and root for:AWARDSLINE | How did the role come your way?
I finished Brothers and Sisters in September (2010) and made a pact with myself that I wasn’t going to work unless I read something loved it. I had worked pretty steadily and hit a point where I wanted to feel challenged. I read Revenge and thought this was a huge gamble. It was the only pilot [role] I fought for. I met with Mike Kelley and [executive producer] Marty Bowen who filtered through everyone. They asked me to test, because they didn’t quite know if I could play the darkness the character required … Longevity for me in my career has not only been about choosing the right material, but trying to reinvent myself as a young woman. People love to put you in a box. [At times in this industry], you have to force people to see you in a different light as you can burn out. There was a slight transition for me as an actress between Everwood andBrothers & Sisters going from being a girl to a woman, however, that’s a big jump to make in Hollywood. … People remember me from these roles and it’s one of the reasons why they root for Emily even though sometimes one shouldn’t.AWARDSLINE | In addition to suggesting that Emily should be a badass, what insight did [pilot director] Phillip Noyce provide?
He encouraged me to be still. With the girl next door characters I have played, I wasn’t really conscious of their movements. They moved differently and there’s something strange about Emily. Victoria picks up on it right away. Emily is almost robotic. She’s numb and doesn’t move a lot. For me that’s difficult because I was a ballet dancer.
Emily VanCamp

AWARDSLINE | The audience easily sympathizes with your complex character thanks to the flashback sequences of Emily as a child. Certain shows such as HBO’s Boardwalk Empire rarely use flashbacks to create sympathy for their characters.

All of these moments of vulnerability are keys to root for her. Mike [Kelley] and I talk about this all the time. Without those flashbacks, you don’t know who to root for.  Even when you want to sympathize with what Victoria has done, you can’t really because you see Emily as a young girl. At the same time, what’s great about these characters is that you want to know more about Victoria and why she’s feeling pain. That’s a testament to what Madeline brings to the character.Link to the full article: Eye on Emmy 2012: Revenge’s Emily VanCamp – TVLineMy thoughts: I personally would love to see Emily VanCamp win an Emmy for her performance on Revenge. I’ve watched her on Everwood and Brothers & Sisters, and I thought she was great on both those shows, but Emily Thorne is definitely my favorite character out of all the roles that I’ve seen her in. There were a lot of times where I found the characters she played on Everwood and Brothers & Sisters very annoying, especially on Brothers & Sisters. I always thought that it was the writers’ fault that her character, Rebecca, on Brothers & Sisters was very annoying at times though, not Emily’s. One of the main reasons why I love the character Emily Thorne so much and why I love the show Revenge in general is that I’ve always been very drawn to characters who are constantly doing morally questionable things, but at the end of the day you can still feel sympathy for them and you can still root for them.



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