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‘Face2Face’ Documentary Review

Written by   // 07/10/2012

face2face‘Face2Face’ Documentary Film by Katherine Brooks -Movie Review

Katherine Brooks realized that she had roughly five thousand “friends” on the popular social website, yet it had been months since she had a hug

I am the sap who is always crying at the end of movies. There are very few movies that I can recall that had me sobbing within it’s first few minutes. “Up” is the immediate one that comes to mind. Not until recently had I ever experienced a full on sob fest so intense in my personal space that I had to leave the room because I simply couldn’t watch, and that was just a few minutes into the picture.  The film that had this profound affect on me was “Face2Face” by Katherine

Face2Face” is a documentary that follows one Miss Kat Brooks on a journey that took her face2facearound the United States, over eleven thousand miles around the US. What would motivate an individual to take on this otherwise daunting task? As Mooj said in “The Forty Year Old Virgin,”
“It’s about love, it’s about connection.” In today’s society, with social media at a peak, we as a people are spending less and less time making physical connections with people. We are posting, liking, tweeting, skyping, and blogging more than we are having real conversation. Technology has made life easier in many many ways. I am all for innovation and riding the wave into the technological front, but at the same time, I see the lack of human interaction and it
scares me, and it scares Kat Brooks as well.

‘Off the Record’ with Katherine Brooks

What’s the longest you have gone without a hug from anybody? I personally am a hugger and can’t go very long without expressing myself physically to people. Kat came up for the idea for “Face2Face” after undergoing oral surgery. Spending a lot of time on Facebook, she realized that she had roughly five thousand “friends” on the popular social website, yet it had been months since she had a hug. She posted on her timeline a simple request, the first fifty people to say yes,
she would go to their city, spend the day with them and document the journey. Strapped with a purpose and funded solely through Kickstarter, Kat set out on the road, and something tells me she had no idea the affect she would have on people, not just the ones she met, but also the ones who would share in the experience of watching her film.

One of the themes of the film is suicide. I know this is a touchy subject that nobody really wants to talk about and it’s uncomfortable when we face it dead on. The thing about suicide, which baffles me, is that I think the majority of people in this day and age have had suicide in their life, whether it’s someone we know, someone we went to school with, someone we work with, or someone we personally know. Why then is it such uneasy territory? Fear perhaps. Kat is not afraid to confront these sorts of issues and I think this is a very important part of making a true documentary. Surrendering to the truths no matter how hard they may be to swallow.

face2faceReality. There’s something that isn’t done well or often in the entertainment world. Reality shows are for the most part anything but. Even “The Real World” in my opinion has become insanely scripted and very much forced, and I distinctly remember a time when the series actually came off as real. Maybe it never was but I recollect a time when it certainly gave a dynamic feel with authenticity. Spawning from the world of reality tv, Kat has said from the jumping off point of
“Face2Face” that she wanted it to be real. Real people in their real environments, facing real life. Let me tell you, after watching the film, I can honestly say I have never seen anything so real in my life. Through all of our own personal struggles and insecurities, we all have a habitual need to belong somewhere in the world and that is what makes us all not so different from our peers as we think.

“Face2Face” had a tremendous amount of emotional baggage to carry and some of those bags were left at my doorstep. In the beginning of the film, we see somebody who is literally hours away from death. Tears were natural but when I saw this woman struggle to breath, with tubes,
and machines, it was so reminiscent of my grandfather’s passing that I literally could not contain myself and had to leave the room. I eventually did come back to finish the film, because I realized, emotional attachment to a stranger, that is what this was all about. Common threads that become separate only by the opinions and judgements we all pass upon each other. I had a light bulb moment and for an instant, I was not alone, I was in the company of people wiser,
more travelled, and far more perceptive than myself.

I strongly suggest that people see “Face2Face.” There is much to offer even if you cannot find a face2facecommonality in yourself, you will find stories that make you feel more humane in your own right. The film received some great acceptance during initial screenings, and there is
a reason. It is an experience, from start to finish, including the music. One of the things that makes all the difference to me when watching a film, is the music. One song in particular holds a special place in my heart as my mom has said that it is a song she wants played at her funeral.

I realize that without technology and the advances we have made, it would not be possible for you to be reading this, as I would not be able to do what I do. If it weren’t for Skype, I wouldn’t be able to see friends and family that live across state lines. Facebook has kept my family in the loop and we can see how everyone is doing. But after examining the affect this has on people, I too realize that I must make more of an effort to be present with people. The phrase “LOL” serves it’s purpose, but to hear someone laugh, really laugh from the gut, there’s nothing like it. To look into somebody’s eyes is  vital to our existence, because without that, we cannot see and feel that person, and as a result, we cannot begin to understand ourselves. Perhaps I am quite biased to this film because I did connect so strongly, but please, see it, there’s a dialogue to be had. Make your own assessment, even if you don’t come to the same conclusion as myself, different opinions are not a bad thing, it’s a stimulating thing.

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