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Falling Skies Season 2: Expository ETs! Tom’s Chilly Welcome Home! And a Ray of Hope?

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/15/2012

Falling SkiesHere’s an interview that the new showrunner of Falling Skies, Remi Aubuchon, did with TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich, which gives a preview of season 2. In the interview, Aubuchon gives some scoop on what will be happening with Tom in season 2, the dynamic within the 2nd Mass in season 2, episode 2×03 “Compass” and more. Here’s an excerpt from the article, which gives some scoop on what will be happening with Tom in season 2:

TVLINE | Putting Tom on the ship at the end of the first season was a huge card to play. As the new showrunner, what was it like to “inherit” that?
When I was asked to run the second season, I was shown all the episodes in one Saturday at DreamWorks. I was going along thinking, “Oh, this is cool…. This is cool…. This is cool.” And then I got to the end and saw that final moment and I went, “Oh my God. I am in big trouble.” When I called up everybody to say, “What the heck?” the truth is that there were many, many alternatives that they had considered, but at the end of the day they felt there needed to be some sort of game-changing finale that would really spin things in the second season. As I pointed out to them, “You guys did a great job. Thanks a lot.”

TVLINE | Among other things, the early scenes between Tom and the alien leader solve the issue of them being able to communicate with each other.
Yes. The first season was like the shark in Jaws — we don’t know what its purpose is but we haven’t got time to stop and think about it. And one of the rules that [Falling Skies executive producer] Steven [Spielberg] gave the show at the beginning, and we’ve tried to follow faithfully, is that we don’t get to learn anything about the aliens that our characters don’t know. So given that rule, we had to find some way in which our characters could interact with the aliens so that we could actually, as an audience, learn what the heck is going on. Tom being on the ship gave us that opportunity to do that.

TVLINE | What can you tease about what we see happen on the ship with Tom?
If you’ve learned anything about Tom Mason from the first season, it is that he’s not just going to sit down and politely listen to what an alien has to say. There’s going to be some give and take and some strong dialectic going on between him and the alien. But I don’t think that it’s going to turn out the way Tom expected it to turn out.

TVLINE | What sort of welcome home does Tom get?
You know, if you or I went on a spaceship and disappeared for three months, I think there’d be a lot of feelings about what that means. Certainly his family will be welcoming him back with open arms, but I don’t think that everybody — and I’m thinking of John Pope (Colin Cunningham)  in particular — is going to be too happy to see Tom just sort of saunter back into town.

Link to the full article: Falling Skies Season 2 Preview: Expository ETs! Tom’s Chilly Welcome Home! And a Ray of Hope? – TVLine

My thoughts: I haven’t watched any episodes of Falling Skies at this point in time, but I did buy the first season on DVD. I usually don’t buy DVD sets of TV shows that I’ve never watched before, but I love pretty much anything that’s science fiction related, so I’m sure that I’ll like it. If this interview is any indication, it sounds like season 2 is going to be great.




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