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Fiona Struggles with Stability, From Shameless’ Emmy Rossum

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/23/2014


Fiona Gallagher

Fiona Struggles with Stability, From Shameless’ Emmy Rossum


Within the first few episodes of season 4, we see Fiona “Fi” Gallagher, played by Shameless‘ Emmy Rossum, excel at her new job at Worldwide Cup. She starts as a temp and soon gets promoted to be the newest sales girl in Shameless 4X02. This Gallagher matriarch seems to be doing well, or at least getting by, this season: she has a promising job with potential for growth, health insurance, steady income, and a healthy relationship with a stable, handsome, hard-working boyfriend, Mike Pratt. However, is it too good to be true? Can she handle this new normalcy?


In Shameless 4×02 My Oldest Daughter, tensions rise between Fiona and Mike, triggering her self-destructive tendencies. Mike wants a girlfriend he can trust, unlike those in his past relationships. He calls Fi throughout the day to ask her why she didn’t call him the previous night, when she told him she would. Fiona doesn’t see this as a big deal at all. She is irritated by his excessive phone calls and ignores the issue.


Later, she lies about a work incident, only making matters worse. Mike knows for a fact she is lying, confronts her about it, and thereby prompts their first big fight. Mike threatens Fiona with an ultimatum: either they have a trusting relationship, no lying whatsoever, or they break-up. Fiona refuses to put up with ultimatums and storms off. But in an instant, she realizes she’s made a huge mistake, turns right back around, and agrees to his terms.


After all, he could be the best thing to ever happen to her! As her boss and her boyfriend, Mike Pratt sincerely cares about her. He wants Fiona to succeed at work and wants her to call when she says she will. He wants to include her in family functions, take her tailgating at the Bears’ game, and more. He is definitely the safe, even smart, choice for Fiona, considering her  rocky relationship with Jimmy. Only time will tell when Fiona destroys this normal relationship with Mike in Season 4 of Shameless.


Here’s the latest Shameless spoiler from TVLine’s Vlada Gelman from January 10, 2014.


At the end of last season, we found out what happened to Jimmy, but Fiona didn’t. What does she think is going on?

She definitely misses him, but I think she thinks… They ended with that big fight. He said he’ll come home, and then he didn’t. It goes to reinforce her old male issues and trust issues and abandonment issues. When we pick up, she’s dating her boss at the cup factory. She has, for the first time, a normal existence. She has this good job. She has money coming in. She has health insurance for the first time, which is huge. The kids are getting $5 for lunch instead of whatever leftover brown bag lunch she can pick up from the kitchen. They’re hanging out with his family. They’re doing tailgating parties outside the Bears game. She’s living this very normal existence.

What are Fiona and Mike like compared to some of her past relationships?

Mike listens to One Direction in the morning. He’s chipper, excited and he cares about her. If she doesn’t call when she says she would, he freaks out. So he’s not a car thief. He’s not dangerous. He’s sexy. He’s stable. For somebody that hasn’t grown up knowing that that’s what you should want, that’s what’s supposed to feel good, it doesn’t feel good for her.


Shameless 4×02 My Oldest Daughter Promo

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