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Firefly Fans Delight, Deleted Scenes are Here

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/07/2013

Firefly, Gina Torres and Nathan FillianFirefly Fans Delight, Deleted Scenes from the Cult Classic


Nathan Fillion of Castle, is far from  hurting, and Joss Whedon is flying high now; but in 2002 when Firefly was cancelled by FOX, these two guys garnered little attention in Hollywood. Today the fans are still clamoring for more of the show that never had a chance, Firefly. For those of you that simply must have more Firefly, Playlist has uncovered a real treat.




Cain Rodriguez of Playlist posted three Firefly Deleted Scenes on January 7th, 2013.

“In 2002, Whedon’s space-western series “Firefly” was cancelled by Fox with only 2 episodes left to air. In the years since, the cult show has developed a large following thanks to its home video success, which in turn led to the release of “Serenity,” which takes place after events of the series. And last year saw a 10th anniversary reunion show, “Firefly: Browncoats Unite,” air on the Science Channel. Now, three deleted scenes from the series that appeared in ‘Browncoats Unite’ have found their way online.

“The first two deleted scenes have to do with the history of both the ship Serenity and its captain and first mate, Nathan Fillion’s Mal and Gina Torres’ Zoe. These deleted scenes would have aired in the series’ original two-hour pilot episode, “Serenity.” Meanwhile, the third deleted scene features a young, pre-”Mad MenChristina Hendricks. The scene would have featured in the sixth episode “Our Mrs. Reynolds.”

Check out the deleted scenes below. If you haven’t already, you can stream the entire series on Netflix.






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