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First America Horror Story: Asylum Promo’s With Cast!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/31/2012

America Horror StoryFinally! After eleven teasers we get to see the heralded cast of ‘American Horror Story: Asylum!’


I’ve said this once or twice already: American Horror Story: Asylum is the most anticipated second season of a show since Lost. Yes, I do realize, American Horror Story is an anthology, and American Horror Story Asylum is a totally new story, it doesn’t mater.


Evan Peters is back! He became a Kurt Cobain like heart throb last season. The hot damaged boy every girl thinks she can fix. Jessica Lange is also back, after rejuvenating her career with a Golden Globe win for best actress. Zachery Quinto in essence came out of the closet during the run of the show last year and he’s back, while shooting the second Star Trek film on the side — or the other way around.


America Horror Story


Also joining the cast, pop star Adam Levine, who is going all Justin Timberlake on us and will probably go on a long musical hiatus to do more acting. Oh, Chloe Sevigny, New York City it girl for almost 2 decades now plays a sexy nymphomaniac in American Horror Story Asylum.


Plus, James Cromwell is reported to be an Ex-Nazi concentration camp doctor — like the evilest, and most notorious type of doctor through the last century plus. Do I really have to keep going? No, I didn’t think so. Yes, call me a fanboy, what-the-fuck-ever, I don’t care. This show was the best thing not on HBO or Showtime last year. If you haven’t noticed I like good TV a WHOLE lot, that’s why I’ve turned it into a career. Shows like this get me excited because last year American Horror Story broke new ground. Ryan Murphy is the man.



American Horror Story: Asylum Cast Featured Promos



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