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New Teasers From From Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/19/2012

The Master

If you’ve read me before, you know that Paul Thomas Anderson is one of my favorite directors. It perturbs me that he only works once every three or four years, but I guess greatness is allowed to take its time. So, I’m thankful for ‘The Master’


The MasterPT Anderson’s new movie ‘The Master,’ has been discussed at great length over the last two years. Many cinephiles like myself have pinned for information. We were glued to IMDB, eagerly waiting for casting details and summaries of the film.


So when we learned Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix were tapped as the leads, we all jump for joy. Hoffman has a great working relationship with Anderson and Phoenix is one of the most unique actors of his time. You may not like those two actors, but they’re genuine and PT Anderson loves the purity of genuine film. Just listen to some of his DVD commentary.


The Master‘ is about a charismatic intellect (Hoffman) whom launches a faith-based organization following World War II. Then he recruits a drifter (Phoenix) who becomes his right-hand man. But as the faith begins to gain a fervent following, the drifter finds himself questioning the belief system and his mentor.


Co-Starring in ‘The Master,’ are Amy Adams, Laura Dern, Jesse Plemons, Kevin J. O’Connor, W. Earl Brown, Lena Endre, and Ambyr Childers. It makes for a fine cast.




Here are two clip from Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’



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