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First Clip of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis In Looper

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/30/2012

LooperRain Johnson’s new sci-fi Looper, set in 2072 and 2032, has upped its marketing pitch today by releasing the first clip from the movie.


The Looper Clip is titled, ‘Diner Face Off.’ Yea, kind of corny, but straight to the point and I think that was the aim here.  And by the end of the clip, the action gets straight to the point with a harsh kick to the groin. Who’s on the receiving end? You’ll have to watch and see. As a guy, I can’t relive it, not even in print.


Looper is one of those impossible films to project. I don’t know what kind of box office pull Bruce Willis has anymore without the last name, McClane and last weekend, my boy Joseph Gordon-Levitt got smoked with his new film Premium Rush on one of the softest box office weekends of the year.


Sure, in the film world we all know and totally respect Rain Johnson. The guy is a start up who borrowed money from his family and friends to make one of the best films of 2005 in ‘Brick.’


Say what you will about The Brothers Bloom Storyline, the film is well crafted, and most directors have a blemish on their record. Besides, Rain Johnson did his Hollywood Director jail time for it and had to wait 4 years to get funding for another one of his films. In the meantime he directed episodes of Breaking Bad and Terriers to stay sharp. His name still carries no box office weight though. He’s not Scorsese or Tarantino. He’s a nobody to your average fan.


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Looper on September 28th, when it’s released, but I’m not sure the film makes its $60 million back — not domestically at least. I’ll be there though, and I’m going to shut up now so you can watch the very cool clip.



Clip of Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Bruce Willis In Looper


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