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FIRST LOOK: New Stills From ‘Raging Bull 2′

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/21/2012

Raging Bull 2

I have to say, my jaw dropped and I shook my head when I first heard the words, ‘Raging Bull 2.” Raging Bull is such a classic, DeNiro was so great, Scorsese’s Directing wass so magnifacinet, it makes you wonder why anyone would even give this ida a go. But, they have and today we got the first stills from the pictures.


The good thing here is the source material. director Martin Guigui and co-writer Rustam Branaman are working from a book by Jake LaMotta, the subject of both the original film and the new sequel, and maybe they’ve got some angle that really makes this worthwhile. The film stars William Forsythe as the older Jake LaMotta, and Mojean Aria as the younger version of the boxer as the film is both a prequel and sequel to Scorsese’s movie.


Interestingly, indiewire reports, Both Forsythe and Guigui have had extensive conversations with the real Jake LaMotta, who is currently 90 years old and, as with Scorsese’s film, will act as consultant on its sequel. For Guigui, that initial encounter was the deciding factor in making the film. “My first reaction when I was offered it was ‘No, this is sacred ground,’ ” he said. “Then I read the book, ‘Raging Bull II,’ and then I met Jake. When I met Jake that sealed the deal.”


So, who knows. I’ll tell you this though. I will defiantly see this movie, if only to clown it and tragically compare it to the classic original.


Raging Bull 2

Raging Bull 2


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