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First Official Piece of Concept Art From ‘Iron Man 3′

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/03/2012

Iron Man 3Here is the first official piece of concept art from Marvel’s ‘Iron Man 3.’ The piece comes from concept artist Ryan Meinerding.


With Robert Downey Jr. and company currently hard at work creating Iron Man 3, Marvel will do everything to keep our attention. Little leaks here and there will soon be popping up everywhere. This is just the start of a now surefire, awesomely done Marvel Marketing Campaign. They’re really rewriting the online viral campaign books folks. The did wonders with The Avengers and Iron Man is arguably their second biggest franchise. Spider-Man or Iron Man… Neck and neck.


Marvel revealed this piece of art and revealed that attendees at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con will receive their very own print of the image if they stop by the Marvel booth. So, don’t forget to get your hands on one. When you die in 50 or 60 years, your kids will get good money for it.


In the art, Tony Stark isn’t even in full armor, but he seems to have gotten partially suited up. Why is his index finger golden now? Why are military looking personnel drawing guns on him? We don’t know. Hopefully we’ll get some context for this concept art when Marvel comes to Comic-Con with Iron Man 3 next week and if not, that’s okay too because the mystery is part of the fun.



Iron Man 3


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