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First Official Promo Image of, The Bling Ring

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/28/2012

The Bling RingThree things intrigue me about ‘The Bling Ring.’ Emma Watson, Sofia Coppola, and The Blind Ring itself.


Lets start with The Bling Ring, a true story of a group, mostly of teenagers based in and around Calabasas, California, who burglarized the homes of several celebrities over a period believed to have been from around October 2008 through August 2009. In total, their activities resulted in the theft of about $3 million in cash and belongings, most of it from Paris Hilton, whom they robbed several times. However, over 50 homes were reportedly targeted for potential burglary. Nancy Jo Sales, who covered the story for Vanity Fair, called the events “completely unprecedented in the history of Hollywood” and they were coined ‘The Bling Ring.’ It’s a fascinating true story and if Sofia did all her homework we should learn a lot about this infamous group of kids.


Specking of Sofia Coppola, I have been a long time fan of hers. But I was outwardly disappointed in her last film, “Somewhere.” I think I used the word pretentious ten times while reviewing it. I have since retired that word, but there is no doubt it was a personal project sold to the mainstream with the promise of much, much more. With out getting into it, the film was blasé to say the least and I found myself asking, “Why the hell should I care about Stephen Dorff’s character , Johnny Marco?” Cry me a river. You’re a depressed millionaire movie star. We should all be so lucky. Find a human aid project or a social cause and quit feeling sorry for yourself.


Look, Sofia Coppola is still a favorite of mine. Every filmmaker in history deserves a mulligan or two. The fact is she has shown the skill to master the blasé I criticized in ‘Somewhere.’ She is a patient filmmaker and has the skill to convey great emotion and character arch without much dialog. Charlotte and Bob Harris in ‘Lost and Translation,’ are a perfect example of that skill. I think she is a required taste because not everyone likes patient films, but I do and she has shown the propensity to do it well. I loved ‘Marie Antoinette,’ though many did not and ‘The Virgin Suicides’ showed me real promise. It was a fine film.


I have this sneaking suspicion that she is transitioning into a more mainstream filmmaker with ‘The Bling Ring.’ Robert Downey Jr once said, “Making indie films is fun, but I want to be in something people actually go and see.”


When Sofia Coppola cast Emma Watson as the lead in ‘The Bling Ring,’ I think she was making that same statement. I could be wrong, but when you cast Emma Watson you’re going to get a wide release.


Which brings me to the third intriguing thing about this film, Emma Watson. She has a chance to be the next Aubrey Hepburn. Don’t laugh, she is respected inside and outside the industry. She is a fashion icon and has grown up to be a beautiful woman. If she commits to acting like a Leonardo DiCaprio, if she continues to take acting lessons, if she wants to be an actor and not a celebrity, and picks great projects, she can be the number one female box office draw in the world.


Great things intrigue me. We read books like The Jordan Rules years after he has retired, because there is something about greatness that appeals to us all. In the NFL, The Patriots get the most nationally televised games every year because people want to watch Tom Brady. He’s a star. They want to see him do great things and some want to see him fail. Whatever side you are on, he is must see TV. Emma Watson is must see TV.  I’m a 29 year old guy who knows little about fashion, but when I hear Emma Watson was at so and so in a spectacular dress, I click the link and look at the pictures. Not because I’m a boy who thinks she is hot (Though she is), it’s the star power.  It why we all watched the Royal Wedding. The Royal’s have star power and so does Emma Watson. Now, she has to cultivate it and I hope she does, because I love big box office draws. I like big named actors because they get big time films made. That’s why I root for Tom Cruise while others hate. You saw what he did with Mission Impossible 4. He pushed the filming limits in Dubai. In Vanilla Sky, they shut down Time Square so they could film a scene because of him and his ‘Star Power.’ If it wasn’t Tom Cruise the city of New York would have never agreed. So, I hope Emma Watson fulfills her promise of destiny. Her presence just might allow a great director to push the limits of filmmaking and take audiences places we have never been before.


So, here is the first Official Promo image of the cast of ‘The Bling Ring.” The film also stars Israel BroussardKatie Chang, Claire Pfister,Georgia Rock and Carlos Miranda, with Leslie Mann also on board and Paris HiltonKirsten Dunst and Gavin Rossdale having filmed cameos.


The Bling Ring




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