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Flight Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/27/2012

Denzel Washington Flight RecapFlight Recap

Written by Stacy Ike

It’s been known that almost every movie Denzel Washington has done has been great but it’s even easier to say that Denzel Washington’s performance in the film Flight was nothing short of amazing.

I came in with a preconceived notion of how the movie was going to play out. With the name Flight, I assumed planes would be involved but I have to say there was a lot more to it then a plane trip.

In the movie there was surprisingly a lot of symbolism. It took me a while after the movie ended to really understand all the messages that were interweaved in every scene and with every character.

Speaking of characters, the cast of the film was actually a lot different than I expected. Tamara Tunie, who played Margaret, is known for her role on Law and Order SVU as the medical examiner.  When I saw her, I was really excited to watch her in a totally different light. John Goodman’s performance in the film was priceless. The chemistry between Goodman and Washington was a match made in heaven. It was entertaining and kept me looking and hoping for Goodman in every scene.Denzel Washington in Flight Movie

Kelly Reilly, Washington’s love interest in the film was absolutely brilliant. She maintained such a convincing American accent that I totally forgot she was English! It took me a while to understand Reilly and Washington together but their relationship went beyond a physical attraction. It was a relationship based on addiction and saving grace.

In the film, there were so many allusions to faith and fate. Almost every scene made you question if the characters made that decision for themselves or was their failure already in the cards for them? It really made you think! I would definitely suggest a box of popcorn because the crunch definitely kept me calm during the intense scenes!


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