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Four New Clips & A Box Office Retrospective For Resident Evil: Retribution

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/26/2012

Four New Resident Evil Retribution Clips

Four New Resident Evil: Retribution Clips and a fun, yet stimulating, Resident Evil Box Office Earnings Retrospective.



Resident Evil: Retribution” is the first big blockbuster of the Fall. With the coming of the new Resident Evil starring Milla Jovovich as the kick ass Protagonist Alice, I went through the books to do a little box office, Resident Evil, earnings research. The domestic numbers are less than impressive, but the Foreign numbers are enormous and because Sony budgeted this franchise to perfection, it’s still making money for the studio ten years after the original.


Okay the first film not so much, but it did set the franchise tone. 2002′s ‘Resident Evil‘ opened No. 2 behind Ice Age and grossed $40m domestically and $62m Foreign, for a World Wide gross of $102m. Aww, but the film only cost Sony $33m to produce and so after strong DVD sales, the sequel was put into motion.


2004′s Resident Evil: Apocalypse faired better. The film made $51m domestically and $78m foreign for a grand total of $129m world wide. Again, not stellar, but Sony hedged its bets and gave the film a $45m budget — There is an old saying in Hollywood, “three times the cash and its a smash!” Meaning, if a film earns three times the production budget, its a success. Even if the film under performs, its a success. Because even if a studio put out one third of that money into marketing, you still doubled your take. The Studio made it’s money back and an extra $45m to produce the next film. Everyone is happy. It’s Business 101.


Four New Resident Evil Retribution Clips


Now here’s where things start to get interesting. In 2007, Resident Evil Extinction made $50m domestically and $97m in foreign receipts. The film cost $50m to make and took home $147m world wide — Again, “Three Times the Cash and Its a Smash.”


Notice the budget changes though. $33m, for film No. 1, $45m for film No. 2, $50m for film No. 3. Basically the budgets have stayed the same, the changes in million is brought on by inflation. A film that cost $33m to make in ’02 cost about $50m to make in ’07. So what do you think Resident Evil: After life cost to make? Think about it. It was made in 2010, 3 years after Extinction. The film cost $60m dollars to make. That extra $10m? Inflation, the producers in 2010 had about as much wiggle room as the producers had back in ’02. — Amazing. But wait! There’s more and a reason for a 5th film.


In 2010 Resident Evil: Afterlife, which cost $60m to make, made $60m domestically and, wait for it, $236m foreign for a grand, and I mean grand total of $296m. Resident Evil: Afterlife made 4.9 times the production budget. They don’t have a saying in Hollywood for that. The big wigs at Sony just Smoke Cigars and do there best to get another Resident Evil movie into production as fast as humanly possible. Thus, we have Resident Evil: Retribution. I hope it all makes sense now. No more need to ask, “Why does Sony keep pumping out Resident Evil movies?”


Here are four new clips for you to watch below. As the runner of this site,I hope you enjoy them, and Sony REALLY hopes you enjoy them, so they can bring Alice back one or two more times to fatten their producer pockets.


 Resident Evil: Retribution Clips


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