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BOX OFFICE RETURNS: Bourne Legacy #1, Campaign #2, Dark Knight Drops to #3

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/12/2012

Friday Box Office Report




Box Office Returns

UPDATE – SUNDAY 4:58am: Unfortunately, those rave Bourne Legacy estimates are dropping fast, from $48M midday Friday to $44M last night to now $41M this morning.


There is a little cause for concern here. Deadline wrote, ‘Especially for a reboot that cost $125+M, is opening much lower than the last two original Bourne movies with Matt Damon, and has a star like Jeremy Renner without a proven track record at the international box office.’


Still, the lowball number (The Mendoza film line, meaning a flop) is $35 million dollars and the film will certainly crack that and end up in the low $40 million dollar range. That makes the film a success, but not a smash hit. Next weekend will be very important for this film. If it can’t hold onto #1 next week as well, I think critics of the domestic gross will be quitted.


The Campaign lowered it’s Friday gross to from $11M to $10.2M, which puts its weekend estimate at $26.8M. The Dark Knight Rises is still #3 with $5.6M on Friday and an estmated weekend of  $19.7M. While Hope Springs remained in fourth with an estimated weekend gross of $14 million dollars.


SATURDAY  BOX OFFICE REPORTGood news for The Bourne Legacy. The Jeremy Renner era has begun in a big way. Well, bigger in the sense that, The Bourne Legacy looks to open better than the studio expected with $15M Friday  (Adjusted to $14) and $41M for  the weekend.


The Bourne Legacy will gross less in it’s opening weekend compared to the 2nd and 3rd installments of the Bourne Franchise, but It will beat out the original, The Bourne Identity, which grossed $27.1 million  dollars in its opening weekend.


There is a pattern here. The first Bourne with Damon grossed the least because we didn’t know who the character was, but the 2nd and 3rd installments went on to do huge box office numbers because we wanted to see what Jason Bourne did next. The Bourne Ultimatum for example grossed $69.3 million dollars on its opening weekend.


I believe the same will happen if, and when Jeremy Renner reprises his role as Aaron Cross. Now that audiences know him and presumably fall in love with his character, the anticipation for the next Bourne installment will be bigger.


Will Ferrell’s and Zach Galifianakis political comedy The Campaign finished second on Friday, pulling in an estimated $11 million dollars. Warner Bros is projecting that the film will go on and earn $29 million dollars over the course of the weekend, and that’s not bad for an end of summer comedy.


The Dark Knight Rises run at the top has ended in it’s 4th week run, with $5.8M Friday and probably $20M for the weekend and a giant $390.6M cume.


Rounding out the top five are Sony Pictures Meryl Streep film Hope Springs, which made $5 million dollars on Friday and is headed to a $15.5 million dollar weekend — And Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days which slammed back down to earth with a $3.2M Friday will likely make about $9M for the weekend, giving the film a soft cume of $31.3M.


Weekend: Box Office Top Ten

#1 The Bourne Legacy $40.3m

#2 The Campaign $26.8m

#3 The Dark Knight Rises $19.7m — $390.6m cume 

#4 Hope Springs $14m

#5 Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days $9m

#6 Total Recall $8.5m

#7 Ice Age 4 $7.2m

#8 Ted 3.5m — $210.1m cume

#9 Step Up Revolution $3.4m 

#10 The Watch $2m


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