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Fringe Season 5: First Look At Joshua Jackson in 2036

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/15/2012

Fringe Season 5Fringe Future! Joshua Jackson caught on the set of the final season of Fringe, and dressed like a man from the year 2036.


Yes, Fringe and Peter Bishop will be leaving us all at the end of this season, but JJ Abrams wants to go out with a bang. What’s new? Hey, lets send Dr. Walter’s son into and  The Fringe team into the future.


New castmate Georgina Haig walked with Joshua as he practiced his lines in the uniform; which looked strangely antiquated considering the future switch.


If you didn’t hear it at comic-con the fifth and final season of Fringe will take place in Observer-Ruled 2036. The Fringe team are fugitives in this future world out to save us all from this terrible reality.


In case you forgot, it was in episode Letters of Transit that led up to the future shift and as you can see its a future of fascists. The uniformed men look like some sort of nationalist Nazi party.


Catch the season premiere of Fringe’s 5th and final season on FRI 9/28 at 9/8c, on FOX.



Fringe Season 5 Trailer


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