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Fringe Season 5 Scoop — Will There Be an Episode 19 Tradition

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/12/2012

Fringe Season 5 ScoopFringe: Scoop on the “Episode 19 tradition” in season 5



Here’s some scoop on Fringe from this week’s (Posted on 9/11/12) Ask Ausiello column.




Question: Will Fringe maintain its twisty “Episode 19″ tradition for the final season, even though there will only be 13 episodes? Maybe Episode 19 is now Episode 9? —Anthony 

Ausiello: Turns out, you actually need a 19th episode in order tell an Episode 19-caliber story. “With only 13 episodes left, we don’t have the time to go off the beaten path,” exec producer J.H. Wyman tells me. “There’s just too little real estate to tell the rest of the story.”



Awww, that sucks. Here’s the thing though, Fringe was basically a cancelled show. FOX really began giving up on Fringe after the third season.  FOX Executives were looking into developing a new show to take over Fringe time slot.


However, JJ Abrams asked for a fourth season, and because he has so much clout, FOX reluctantly agreed. Then half way through season four it was apparent to FOX and everyone, that the show was still slipping in ratings.


JJ Abrams knows Fringe has loyal fans though and he begged FOX not to cancel the show without giving it a proper send off and conclusion for the fans. So FOX compromised and agreed to a fifth season, but with one stipulation, Fringe would only get 13 episodes to put the finishing touches on the show. So, be happy that we have the 13, because now the show can come full circle and we’ll get a conclusion.


Fringe Returns in 16 days with episode 5×01 Transilence Thought Unifier Model-11′ September 28, 2012 at 9pm on  FOX.


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