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Gage Golightly Leaves Teen Wolf, in Season 3

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/09/2013

Teen Wolf Gage GolightlyGage Golightly Leaves Teen Wolf in Season 3



Here’s the latest news about the Teen Wolf  Season 3 casting from on January 8th, 2013.



The actress who plays Erica on Teen Wolf appears to not be returning for season 3. Check out the details below.

Teen Wolf Wikia site administrator Paul Rea was getting tired of the rumors circulating around the Internet as to whether or not Golightly would be returning to season 3 to continue her role on the show. He contacted the actress’ agent for a response, who then passed along the e-mail to her manager. The e-mail said she is no longer in Teen Wolf and therefore not doing any press or interviews for the show.

In addition, a reliable source close to Teen Wolf has confirmed off the record that Golightly will not be featured in season 3 at all. This, of course, makes us wonder how her character will exit the show without the actress there to give her a proper send-off.

In one of the last shots of the season, we saw Boyd and Erica confronted by the Alpha Pack that will be featured in season 3. Their fates were left up in the air, though executive producer Jeff Davis did confirm that they were both supposed to be alive at the beginning of season 3, which takes place four months after the end of season 2.



Teen Wolf is currently on Hiatus but fans can catch up on past episodes at TV Film News will keep you posted on the return dates.


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