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Game of Thrones: Blackwater/Valar Morghulis

Written by   // 05/30/2012

Game of Thrones: BlackWater/Valar Morghulis

This season has been a strange one, for fans of ‘Game of Thrones’; its been a runway hit for HBO, keeping their streak going for hit, inventive, television, and on Sunday nights no less. With shows like Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Blood, now we can add Game of Thrones to that list, HBO has done good by couch potatoes. And this season of ‘Game of Thrones’ has not disappointed; well, not really.

As a fan of the GOT books, as well as the television series, I must admit, this season has been up & down. Last season was an excellent adaptation of the 1st book in the series, ‘Fire & Ice’, whereas this season has seemed to be loosely based upon book 2, ‘A Clash of Kings’. I even tweeted as much to the ‘Game of Thrones’ twitter timeline; ‘hey HBO apparently you know nothing’ @woodyseed #GameOfThrones. Lame I know, but hey, I’m all in when it comes to this series; I even find myself, having mulled wine, and tilapia fish wrapped in turkey bacon, while listening to ‘The Rains of Castamare“; Good Tymes!

With that stated, this past Memorial Day Weekend’s episode, entitled Blackwater was excellent; it truly captured the essence of the battle ‘The Battle of the Blackwater’, that is a huge turning point in the book series, and it seems that its going to be a huge turning point, in the television series as well. Where we left off, at the end of the ‘Blackwater’ episode, coupled with the preview of the season 2 finale ‘Valar MorGhulis’, this Sunday, it appears as if everything is going to wrap up nicely; which ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans know, means nothing. There are a few things that fans of the book series, like myself, have been left wanting; more of John Snow, and the ‘Crows’ beyond the wall; more Arya, in HarrenHal; more Tyrion, in Kings Landing; more Tyrion & Varys in Kings Landing. However, the interactions that we have seen amongst those characters, as-well-as the introductions, of new characters, like Brienne the Beauty, & Roose Bolton, Lord of The Dreadfort, have been handled w/ grace. The story lines of Theon Greyjoy, & Jamie Lannister, have been torturously teased, and treasured all season. Catelyn Stark, and her son Robb, the King-in-The-North, have been heroic; and Twyin Lannister has been mean, villainous, and a Savior, of a city on the verge of being sacked. And Stannis Baratheon, has been, well Stannis Baratheon, that is to say, he has been ‘dark, and full of terror’, just like any good apostle of the ‘Lord of Light’ should be.

To end all, Daenerys Targaryen’s story, has been the most frustrating to deal with; and keep up with. However, again, based on the sneak peak of next week’s episode, all will be wrapped up quite nicely. Fans of both series know, Daenerys must enter the ‘House of The Undying’ in Qarth to retrieve her dragons; and what happens should leave everyone knowing exactly what the truth of this show is. As stated in the 1st season, by the Queen Regent of Westeros, Circe Lannister; ‘When you play the Game of Thrones, either you win, or die; there is no middle ground’… Valar Morghulis (if I told you what it meant, I’d have to kill you… hapi viewing)

Check out ‘The Rains of Castamere’, and the trailer for the season 2 finale.


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