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Get Ready For Castles Return With a Deleted Scene From 2×18 Boom! Deleted Scene

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/15/2012


CastleGet Ready For Castles Return With a Castle Deleted Scene


ABC is taking us down Castle memory lane… All the way back to episode 2×18 “Boom!” I remember loving this episode, it was fantastic. There were some nice scenes with Castle and Beckett. It sucked to see Beckett’s house go Kaboom, but she was okay. Beckett got to stay at Castle‘s house, and she mad him breakfast, awww. ¬†Plus this episode was one of the first where Castle used a gun! It had some of those classic twist and Castle turns too. Anyway, just getting everyone prepped for the new season.



OMG! Castle returns in 9 days people! Episode 5×01 ‘After The Storm’ will return to ABC on Monday, September 24, at 10pm on ABC, duh. ‘After the Storm,’ picks up on the morning after. You know that awkward moment? I can’t wait!


Castle Deleted Scene


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