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Girls 2×02 I Get Ideas Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/20/2013


Girls 2×02 I Get Ideas Recap and Review

This week’s not-so-sexy installment of Girls starts with Elijah arguing with George over, well, the fact that he cheated on him with a female (Marnie, to be exact). George isn’t taking the news too well and curses out Elijah’s mother, whom he has never even met.


Meanwhile, Hannah is exercising to a viral exercise video, able to hear every word that George and Elijah are saying through the wall. George then breaks up with Elijah b/c he doesn’t want to be with anyone confused about whether they are bisexual or not. Elijah attempts to calm George down and only makes it worse when he says he will not tell Hannah (which he probably already has since she can hear him through the wall). Opening title is seen.


We then see a video Adam has made and sent to Hannah where he is playing a guitar and playing some serious woe-is-me songs about Hannah breaking up with him. Hannah and Elijah watch, obviously disturbed by it. They then discuss how homicidal Adam might be. Hannah is glad she is free to have a new, sexy boyfriend. Elijah isn’t convinced this is for the best for her. Next, we see Marnie at a job interview. The manager (blithely played by Lena Dunham’s actual very famous art world celebrity mother, Laurie Simmons) basically turns her down b/c she doesn’t feel Marnie is a good fit for the art world (she, obviously, would know best).


Sandy and Hannah then brush their teeth together (since that is apparently what couples do nowadays). Elijah comes in and argues with Sandy about being a Republican. Sandy just shrugs it off. Cut to Shoshanna and Ray in bed together, talking about bathing a pig together. Marnie comes in very disgruntled. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do since she has been told that being a curator doesn’t exist these days (which it doesn’t). Shoshanna suggests that she is pretty enough to be a hostess and makes a call on her behalf.


Cut to Jessa painting a male art model, otherwise known as her husband. Hannah knocks and Jessa answers. Jessa’s husband says he has to go to a meeting, but not before showing Hannah Jessa’s and his matching tiger tattoos (how cute!). Hannah then shows off her shoulder-alls to both of them. Jessa then shows Hannah three adorable puppy dogs she impulsively got.



Cut to Hannah and Jessa at the dog park. Jessa then names two puppies Garbage and Parker, while Hannah suggests naming the third one Hanukkah. Hannah mentions that dating a republican feels odd. Jessa, self-absorbed as ever, tells her it shouldn’t matter since Republicans and Democrats are basically both awful since Bill Clinton is the reason the economy is so awful (oh, is he now, Jessa?) Hannah feels Sandy supports her creativity, but mentions he hasn’t yet read her essays b/c he is busy with finals. Jessa isn’t convinced of this and says that he doesn’t really care about her after all since he should be reading them immediately no matter what.


That evening, Hannah confronts Sandy about this and Sandy finally says that he did read it. Sandy says he didn’t feel much happened and it felt like the protagonist is making up her mind, but it was well written. Hannah then confronts him about his Republican beliefs. Sandy says it is more complicated than Hannah gives it credit for. Hannah then decides to break up with him b/c their political beliefs are too different. Sandy then basically calls her a racist. Hannah then calls him a sexist racist against Caucasian females and makes herself sound racist by default. Sandy then orders her out, but not before making sure he doesn’t want to have sex with her (he doesn’t).


Marnie and Elijah then argue if they should tell Hannah about their little fling. Elijah then says Marnie’s uniform makes her look like a slutty Von Trap child. Hannah arrives and they say nothing about it as Elijah leaves. Hannah asks about Marnie’s uniform and chastises her for basically cashing in on her sexuality, which Hannah claims she would never, ever do…then thinks that Marnie doesn’t think she’s pretty enough to get that type of job anyway. Hannah then claims that all kinds of men find her attractive, which Marnie doesn’t completely believe.


Cut to Hannah in bed trying to figure out how to cut her hair by watching a viral video on cutting your own bangs. Before she can go through with it, she receives a text from Adam, telling her that he is waiting for her downstairs. Hannah then turns the lights out to make it looks like she is sleeping, but Adam texts her to tell her that he already noticed. Adam then uses the key Hannah gave him to enter. Hannah screams and tells him to leave. As Hannah goes to the refrigerator to get Adam some milk before he leaves, she calls 911 from her cell phone, then quickly hangs up. When she returns with the milk, Adam surprises her wearing a mask and tells her that he isn’t going to give up that easily for her affections and vows to return the next day to the sound of sirens. As he leaves, Hannah warns him not to and gets upset and tells him to just leave her alone. Adam seems to finally get the message.


As Adam is leaving down the hallway, Hannah then calls him back to her as the police arrive. Hannah then tries to backtrack and deny that she made the call. Once the police press her, Hannah admits to just dialing then hanging up, but that Adam didn’t do anything wrong, and that she only wants a restraining order against him. This does not sit well with Adam. They argue about who needs a restraining order against who. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter b/c the police then arrest Adam for unpaid parking tickets and ignoring a summons for public urination. Adam yells out some major frustration as they lead him away. Hannah seems to feel guilty and wonders out loud where they are going and that she might come for him later. There is no reply.



Ultimately, the problem I have with the episode and this season of Girls thus far is that no character really seems to know what they want, except for what they don’t want, despite the titular ideas they have. And they also seem to not care as much as they should about roommates walking in on intimate moments. The whole African-American Republican character aspect didn’t seem too realistic to me, at least the way that Miss Dunham wrote it. The whole point of the character just seemed to highlight how not over Adam Hannah really is, in a rather immature way. Did she really need to quote Missy Elliot? Hannah is just in over her head. The same can be said about Marnie, but I’m sure that will be saved for later. I do wonder how they are going to handle Adam from this point on. His character has suddenly become much more interesting and multi-faceted. Looks like Hannah has much to make up her mind about. Despite the feel that, well, not much happened in this episode, I look forward to next week.


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