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Girls 2×01 It’s About Time Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/13/2013

tumblr_mglnvceAd81qd7v5ao1_500Girls 2×01 It’s About Time Recap and Review

The triumphant season premiere episode of the newly minted Golden Globe-winning Girls starts with Golden Globe winner Lena Dunham’s character Hannah, waking up in bed with her new roommate, Elijah, who appears to be spooning her under the covers. They seem to be planning a party. Elijah apologizes for his erection, which he claims isn’t for Hannah. Surprisingly, she seems to be relived of this. I also don’t believe him.

Cut to Shoshanna praying by circulating incense fumes in her bedroom. She thanks the universe for her mind and fast-growing hair and asks to ruin Ray’s life.

We next see Marnie walking her boss from lunch on the sidewalk. Marnie’s apologizes that she forgot to mention that she has to downsize her employees (she only has two) so she is firing Marnie and keeping a male employee named Julian b/c she had sex with him and he could sue for if she fired him. Marnie doesn’t agree with It b/c she feels Julian is incompetent. Her boss hen asks Marnie to go into  clothing store they are standing in front of and tell her if the clothes she puts on make her look insane (they probably do).

Hannah is then seen having sex with her new boyfriend, Sandy. Sandy says Hannah has always wanted this, and now she’s getting it. Title card is shown.

We then see Hannah running after Sandy in a book store. They exchange meaningless lovey conversation. Hannah mentions that she will introduce Sandy to her friends at the party. She has to be careful about dating him b/c she is still nursing Adam back to health after getting hit by a truck last season.

We then see Hannah and Adam in bed together watching Bye Bye Birdie.  Hannah wants to tell him about Sandy, but Adam won’t let go of the idea that they are not a couple anymore and is a little mean to her.

Hannah then wakes up with Adam. Adam needs to pee and asks Hannah to get the bedpan for him. Hannah tries to tell him about Sandy again, but Adam claims he is in massive pain as he pees.

We then see Marnie sipping champagne at lunch with her mother. Her mother scolds for not eating more. Marnie says she is not going to be like Hannah and eat until she feels better. Her mother just wants to be friends with her, but that doesn’t sit that well with Marnie, even though she insists that they can be since she’s talks much worse with her friends.

Hannah and Elijah discuss theme nights at their newly decorated apt.  Elijah is excited to show off his new rich boyfriend and Hannah says she wants to be an independent lady. Shoshanna arrives and complements them on the decorating. She seems anxious about Ray coming. She also says her virginity feels missing as opposed to missed.


At the party, Shoshanna sings bad karaoke, Hannah struggles with her party dress with Marnie watching, and discusses if they are still close or not. Elijah struggles with a drunk George and needs Hannah’s help and offers to let her talk about Adam all she wants, which she denies doing. Hannah escorts George out. Ray cannot take his eyes off Shoshanna, even as she ignores him, which he cannot get enough of. Marnie continues to flirt her ex, Christopher, after his moody new girlfriend, Angela, storms off for not being high enough to deal with the party. Seems everyone is uncomfortable at this party.

George bangs on the gate as Hannah shoos him away. George takes back the nice girl remark he made as Hannah was escorting him out and clamed Elijah told him the same about her.

Ray confronts Shoshanna in a bedroom. Shoshanna says she doesn’t want anything with him anymore since he rejected her. Ray says he remembers her charm when he’s around her. Shoshanna tries to leave and Ray gives her a very romantic kiss.

Hannah arrives at Adam’s, bearing food. Hannah tries to leave and Adam keeps trying to make her stay with him. Hannah blames Elijah for leaving, but Adam professes his love for her. Hannah says she has changed her mind and doesn’t want to see Adam anymore. Hannah leaves Adam to hop back on the couch.

Marnie sings karaoke with Elijah. They decide to start a band together. Marnie then asks Elijah about George. Elijah says he pays for everything he needs. Marnie then states that she could never be a gay man. Elijah then says that bisexuals and Germans are the only people you can make fun of anymore. Marnie then asks if he still attracted to women and Elijah says he is…and kisses Marnie.  They then strip down to have sex on the couch. As Elijah tries to put a condom on, he says that Marnie’s eye rolling prevents him from getting an erection. That ends everything. They each tell each other to not pretend to be something you’re not.

Meanwhile, Jess and her husband get into a cab, drunkenly. Jess says she doesn’t know where her husband lives and they kiss as the cab drives away.

Marnie then asks to sleep with Christopher, and he agrees.

Sandy then welcomes Hannah to his place. Hannah gets down to her thong and gets into bed to wait for Sandy. You probably don’t have to guess what is about to happen.


A big portion of this very welcome return episode for me was the difference behaving the way you want versus the way people expect you to. These young ladies are starting to figure out that the expectations that society has on them isn’t really right as they fight their own desires of the heart. As George said, they are all too guarded to ever sing a karaoke song. But we are starting to see that that is starting to slip away with time. Hopefully, it’ll last long enough to get through a few bad one-night stands. I wish we had gotten to learn more about Sandy, as his entrance basically came from almost nowhere. To me, he really doesn’t immediately justify Hannah abandoning Adam like that. Hannah seems to be a victim of this whole pretending to be something you’re not thing. That was just cruel, even for Hannah. I’m starting to agree with George here, Hannah is not really that sweet. In fact, she is beginning to annoy me in that independent kind of way. Can’t wait for next week’s installment to see where this is going.



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