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Girls-Christopher Abbott Leaves, Rita Wilson Returns In Season 3

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 04/09/2013

Girl's-Christopher Abbott Leaves, Rita Wilson To Returns In Season 3Girls Christopher Abbott Leaves, Rita Wilson Returns In Season 3


This Girls scoop is from Team WWK at Eonline on April 9th, 2013.



Jacqui: Can’t believe Christopher Abbott left Girls as I loved Charlie and Marnie together! What’s next for her?

Though Charlie won’t be in Marnie’s life anymore (Boo!), at least she’s got her cougar of a mom! Yes, Rita Wilson will be returning in season three of Girls, most likely to help her daughter deal with this latest development in her love life as Wilson told us, “It’s a very real, adult relationship between a mother and a daughter, but it’s got some complexity to it.”


Girls does not have a new episode currently scheduled.


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