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Girls, Rita Wilson Will Be Back For Season 3

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/08/2013

Girls, Rita Wilson Will Be Back For Season 3Girls, Rita Wilson Will Be Back For Season 3



Here’s the Scoop on Girls from Michael Ausiello at TV-Line posted on May 7th, 2013.




Question: With Christopher Abbott’s abrupt exit from Girls, it’s clear Marnie won’t be spending Season 3 having Charlie’s “little brown babies.” Any intel on what Allison Williams’ beautiful disaster of a character will be doing? –Lorne

Ausiello: You want Marnie scoop? We went straight to the source. “Marnie is working out her demons with exercise,” Williams tells TVLine. “That’s a big part of her life: She’s deciding that fitness is something to channel her anger into.” Post-split, the character will definitely need her mother’s crazy shoulder to lean on, which means that Rita Wilson will indeed be back in the mix. “There’s always the phantom of some man in [Marnie's mother's] life,” Williams says with a laugh. “Luckily or unluckily, so far we’ve never met one of them. But I would be very curious to see what that cater waiter [a lover referenced by Wilson's character in Season 2] was like.”


Girls does not have a new episode currently scheduled.


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