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Glee, Finn and Emma Scoopage! So… Are they a Thing Now?

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/22/2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 9.17.36 AMGlee, Finn and Emma Scoopage!



Here’s some new Glee scoop from the E online! Watch With Kristen, February 22nd, 2013 Post.



Marcia: Glee Wemma scoop! Tell me Finn and Emma aren’t going to be a thing now.

Don’t think so. Finn cares way too much about Will to steal his woman away, even if he did have a moment of pure insanity and kiss her. Anyway, Will spends the next couple of episodes wooing his runaway bride the only way he knows how: with song. Need proof? Check out this photo from the March 7 episode. Will it work? All we can spill is: At the very least, it doesn’t make Emma run away again.


Glee returns with 4×15 ‘Girls (and Boys) on Film’ on Thursday Mar. 7th, 2013 9/8c on FOX.



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