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Glee, Kate Hudson’s Cassandra Background Scoop!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/20/2012

Glee Season 4 Kate Hudson background scoopGlee: Scoop on Cassandra’s (Kate Hudson’s character) backstory




Here’s some scoop on Glee from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat Daily for Thursday 9/20/12.




Thanks for posting the video of Lea’s sexy Britney song! Any more scoop on tonight’s Glee?


Cassandra’s (Kate Hudson) backstory is pretty great (turns out she was thiiiisclose to being a bona fide Broadway star…but her freakout on an audience member during a live performance did not go over well!), and a fun fact from set: Lea Michele’s sexy “Oops I Did It Again” performance (you saw the video, right?) was so stripped-down-naughty, Lea was wrangling some serious nerves: “I was literally just sitting in my chair thinking, ‘Maybe I should take a shot or something!’” she told us on set during a break from filming. “All of a sudden I got so nervous. I just decided to block out the fear and literally have an out-of-body experience!” It worked.



So far Kate Hudson hasn’t boosted the Glee ratings like Ryan Murphy and FOX hoped, but I know the buzz off of the premiere was big and so my guess is, the ratings will at least stay steady if not grow week-to-week.


The first episode of Glee, Season 4, ‘The New Rachel,’ was watched by 7.41 million viewers, by far the shows lowest rated premiere. And folks, it ain’t even close. Season one opened to 9.62 million viewers, season 2 opened to 12.45 million and last years Glee premiere opened to 9.21 million viewers. Glee’s ratings are in reverse and that’s why Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker were brought in and the show moved half its air time to New York.


If you want to be Gleeking out for a few more years, call up your friends and tell them to tune in. Glee is expensive to produce, because the cast is so huge — a lot of actor are getting paid. Glee returns tonight, Thursday  September 20 at 9pm on FOX


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