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NEW TRAILER: Mama, Starring Jessica Chastain

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/13/2012

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jessica Chastain in Mama

Here’s the Debut trailer for the Guillermo Del Toro thriller ‘Mama.’



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jessica Chastain is a chameleon. Go look at her last five character, they’re all starkly contrasted. I love her look her with the black hair in this hair raising thriller, Mama.


In Mama, Jessica Chastain play’s Annabel who is married to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau  character Lucas. They take in their young nieces who have been living and somehow survived in a forest for five years without supervision. Let’s just say that would fuck up any kid and these kids are defiantly fucked up.


Creepy kids get to me, because they are supposed to be all innocent, and when they’re not it throws me for a loop, man. It’s like taking a drink out of a cup that you think is water, but its coke or something and you find yourself spitting it out, because your senses weren’t anticipated the soda — it’s not that there was anything wrong with soda, its just your taste buds experience momentary shock. creepy kids in films are like that. They give me the willies.


The screenplay was written by the great Neil Cross who created Luther staring Idris Elba. Awesome show, awesome writer. The directing assignment was given to a no name, Andres Muschietti. That’s not a knock on the guy, I’ve just never heard of him. Everyone has to start somewhere, the trailer makes this film look very good. But, if you have been following me you know my number one rule, never judge a film by its trailer.


mama trailer


With that said, I’m in on Mama. Guillermo del Toro know his shit and he presents Mama. When the word presented by is added to the film title, you know the producer had a heavy hand in the filmmaking process. That bods well for Mama. Plus, I just think Jessica Chastain is becoming the finest actress under 40 in the world. Every time out, she puts on a show. She is so talented, it’s scary. I always say that about actors. Like when I watch Meryl Streep in different roles, where she is literally two different people, it makes me wonder. You know? There is something sociopathic about really great actors. If say Jessica Chastain or Meryl Streep were evil, they could be the best con artists or grifters on the planet.


Anyway, back to the film. Mama hits theaters in January. It’s tentatively set for January 18, 2013. The film is also a remake of a Spanish short film of the same title. De Milo Productions produced the film and Universal PIctures will distribute.



Guillermo del Toro presents the ‘Mama’ Trailer Starring Jessica Chastain


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