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Happy Endings 3×02 Sabado Free-Gante Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/30/2012

Happy Endings 3x02 Sabado Free-Gante Recap and ReviewHappy Endings 3×02 Sabado Free-Gante Recap and Review



Happy Endings did something very clever at the beginning of tonights episode. The cold opening served at the homage to Halloween, and after the credits, Halloween was in the rearview.


The cold opening was done in true Happy Endings fashion. The first person we see is Max eating a burrito and as the camera pans up, we see the gang dressed up in 70′s cloths and afros. They are going as the Jackson Five, and Brad is papa Jackson. It’s a hilarious look.


Of course, the first person to speck is Penny, followed by Jane touting the entire groups Halloween, Jackson 5 look. She is very proud of herself as usual, stating, “We are going to be the only Jackson 5.” Her boosting turns adorable, and we get our first pop culture reference: Jane thinks the group will see some Mos Def’s, but goes on to say that, “I wouldn’t know a Mos Def if I saw one.”


Alex is Michael, Jane is Jackie, Penny is Tito, Max is Marlon, and Brad is Joe.  The opening bit is punctuated when Dave comes out from behind Max’s afro dressed up like Latoya Jackson. Dave asks why he always has to be Latoya, and the group promptly scolds Latoya as the outcast she is, “Shut up Latoya!”


Happy Endings 3x02 Sabado Free-Gante Recap and Review


They don’t make it out of the house because they are all attached to a poll in hopes of making all there actions unison. This doesn’t allow them to get out of the front door, and later on they are sitting together on the couch complaining about Halloween and drinking Beer — Last seasons Halloween episode was way better.


The next morning, the crew is eating Saturday Brunch prepared by Jane, and Max isn’t impressed. When Brad was working, the food was always grade A, but now that Brad is out of work, the orange juice is from concentrate and the Sausage isn’t made with rose mary. Brad’s unemployment is officially starting to hamper the best married couple on TV’s lifestyle.


As the breakfast wraps up, Dave and Alex make the big announcement we have teased all summer, they’re moving back in together! To be honest, this just further proves that Dave is a tool. I like him and he’s funny, but he’s also a huge tool. The funniest part in the first fifteen minute quickly follows the announcement. Alex and Dave parody everyone in the groups reaction, before anyone in the group can do it themselves. Alex ends the tactic by over exaggerating Brad’s blackness while impersonating him.


Shortly there after, Penny tries to sneak out of the apartment.  Jane knows something is up because Penny is acting weird. Jane concludes that Penny is about to make a major purchase, and Jane, the groups mother, isn’t going to let Penny make a purchase without her help. God I love it when she imposes.


When they get to the car dealership, Penny, being Penny is ready to write a check for the new convertible based on the sticker price. Jane tells her that no one pays the sticker prince and Penny adds, your right, “Do you tip 15% on a car?” It was adorably charming. I love Penny!


Meanwhile Brad is in a bummer mood while over at Max’s apartment. He misses his old Saturday routine. With out the cash flow, he’s had to put his Saturday shopping, personal trainer work out and steam on the sideline. Oh, and he refers to Max as his GFF, “Gay Fat Friend.” Brad calls the routine the perfect Sabado, and that is where this episodes name derives. Max, will try and cheer him up by showing Brad how to have the perfect Sabado for free. Classic Max, right?



While this is going on, Alex and Dave are looking at apartments. When offered a 2 year lease by the real estate woman, Dave is suddenly uninterested in the Apartment. Alex, eventually gets to the same place, but at this point its hard to tell if Alex is as unsure about the possible move in as Dave is.


Max takes Brad to an AA Meeting for food. Max is staking up donuts and coffee and is thanked by an alcoholic for sharing the story about his dad. Brad wants healthy food though and  so Max goes all Tyler Durden Fight Club style and takes him to an Overeaters support group where Brad can enjoy vegetables — Oh, and a fat guy thanks Max for the story about his dad.  After that, they go to a Sex addicts group to  steal condoms. It’s a great segment and hilariously done.


Meanwhile, Jane is trying to instruct Penny on how to buy a car while referencing The Hunger Games. This excites Penny and when she asks if Jane she reads the books too, she says, “No, that’s stuffs for dorks, but I knew it would get you excited.” That was pop culture mention #4. Jane then stages a “Walk out.” Penny is tasked to ask for the best price, and then walk out. She flubs the line before the car salesman can ever answer the question and quickly turns to walk out of the Dealership. But she walks through a plate glass window instead. It’s very funny, and abrupt. Jane is totally sending Penny down the path of destruction.


Dave and Alex keep turning down apartments, obviously not ready to move in together. While trying to tell the real estate lady what they are all about, their history over the last two years is put out there and Alex can’t resist mentioning her marriage walk out with the roller blade guy.


The real estate lady then deduces Dave and Alex may not be ready to move in together. When Alex asks if one of the apartments has WiFi, the Real estate lady says yes, and then Dave and Alex tell her that they are old school, and perfer Dial-up! Laugh out loud moment.


Max then shows Brad how to get free clothes by signing up for a bank account. They get free shirts and hats. Up next on Brads Sabado is a work out so Max makes some big guy angry by punching him in the face. The ensuing chase serves as Brads cardio.


Then Jane starts to get into a grove at the car dealership, she correctly predicts all the car dealership tactics. Penny is impressed, and asks Jane if she is a Warlock. Jane says, “We must be strong like Hermione from Harry Potter. Penny reads those books too, and Jane doesn’t, and says, “For Dorks.” This is pop culture reference #5. Oh, and because the production company bought the rights to The Jackson 5′s I Want You Back, the song is played again over a montage that shows Jane doing push-ups, Penny worrying, Dave and Alex turning down more apartments, and Max and Brad running through the streets of Chicago.


When Jane falls asleep in a dealership office  (I have no idea why Jane fell asleep. This show is so meta-fiction) Penny is gone and ready to sign a buyers agreement. Jane arrives before Penny can sign the contract in a last ditch effort to get a better deal.


Meanwhile, Brad and Max have full on face paints and they steam in the street over a downtown Chicago steam vent. One of Brad’s old co-workers runs into them and is sad to find that Brad has only been fired for a month, but is already homeless. Finally Penny gets the deal Jane was always hoping for, but she did it her way, by pulling a crying walk-out. Even Jane was duped.


Towards the end of the episode, Max apologizes for pulling Brad into Max world too fast. Brad concludes that its not so bad being out of work because he gets spend quality time with Jane.


Dave and Alex still can’t find the right apartment after looking at dozens of them. The, feed up and tired, the real estate lady crushes them by saying they have a terrible relationship, and should think twice about moving in together.  This of course prompt them to take the apartment and so it’s official: Dave and Alex share an apartment again! They toast to the group, and when the group goes on the tour of the apartment, Dave and Alex stay behind to congratulate each other. This quickly turns awkward and if Gob Bluth were in Dave’s position, he’d say, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”


I gave last weeks episode an 8 out of 10 overall. This week, I’ll give Happy endings a 6 out of 10. It wasn’t overly funny, and the Meta Fiction was extremely blatant — Jane disappearing and appearing all episode like a witch just wasn’t humorous. This show is obviously headed down the road of unrealistic fantasy. The transfer began in season 2. I’m okay with that, when the jokes pack a punch, but when they don’t, Happy Endings just isn’t as charming.


The Next episode of Happy endings 3×03, ‘boyz 2 Menorah  ’ will air on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 9pm on ABC.



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