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Hart of Dixie, Lavon and Lemon Scoop! Plus, Preyers For a Wade, Zoe Hookup

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/14/2012

Hart of Dixie Lemon and Lavon ScoopHart of Dixie: Lavon and Lemon related scoop on season 2




Here’s some scoop on Hart of Dixie from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat for Friday 9/14/12.




Brittany: What’s coming up for my favorite Hart of Dixie couple Lavon and Lemon?


Fans can expect to see the two spending quite a bit of time together as they will be working on Lavon’s re-election campaign. Jaime King hints to us that Lemon will rediscover her feelings for Bluebell’s mayor, so “Levon” shippers should definitely tune into the CW charmer’s Halloween episode. That is all we’re going to say.



Oh shit!!! Lavon and Lemon working on reelection together!? I love this fucking show. I know I shouldn’t. I’m the guy who watches PT Anderson films over and over again, and  Schindler’s List once a year. I’m a film nut who appreciates the art and craft of great filmmaking — a film and TV snob essentially, but that darn Rachel Bilson has drawn me in and I just can’t get enough of Hart of Dixie.


I think it’s because I grew up as a teen watching The OC and I had a thing for Bilson then, but more then that, I find Hart of Dixie really relaxing. You know? I can sit back and laugh and watch it with my girlfriend and not have to think to hard. Hart of Dixie isn’t Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain, a film you have to watch three times before you can see its true brillance.


Hart of Dixie is standard CW television with love triangles galore, and one of my favorite love triangles last season involved Lemon and Lavon and so yea, I want to see where their relationship goes from here.


Can I be really honest with you though? Please? Zoe Hart and Wade Kinsella! They NEED to be together! They represent the opposites attract connection in the best way. Zoe would undoubtably make Wade a better man and Wade would keep Zoe on her toes and everyday would be an exciting one with that man in her life. Fingers crossed.


Hart Of Dixie Returns Tuesday October 2, 2012 at 8pm on The CW.




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