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Hart of Dixie, Season 2, George Love Interest Scoop!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/28/2012

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Scoop! George a New Love Intrest?Hart of Dixie: George related scoop on season 2 from Zap2it’s Carina Adly MacKenzie



Here’s some scoop on Hart of Dixie from Carina Adly MacKenzie’s Monday Kickstart column for the week of 8/27/12.




“Hart of Dixie”: George is getting a new love interest! Presley is a tomboy with a wicked, smart sense of humor. Her job delivering inventory to the Rammer Jammer gives her an inside look at the Southern Belles that have their eye on George (and there are plenty of them, like vultures after his split from Lemon). Let’s just say the Presley sticks out like a sore thumb in the line-up of Bluebell women with their eye on Mr. Tucker.



Hart of Dixie gets tons of criticism for its back lot feel and Bluebell’s seemingly weekly town rituals, but it has charm. It’s The CW people, and this is all A-typical, I’m not sure what you were expecting. The CW dramedy is alway set in a culture that frequently brings all its characters together and there is always a love triangle or two. Hart of Dixie is no different.


What does make Hart of Dixie different however, is Rachel Bilson. She’s not the greatest actress on television, but she has spunk, likeability and charm. She’s damn cute, and she knows it, and better yet, knows how to us it on television.


Hart of Dixie was a late renewal, getting its second season nod on May 11, 2012. The show returns with episode 2×01, ‘I Fall To Pieces’ on October 2, 2012 at 8pm on The CW. The Leila Gerstein created show also stars Jaime King, Cress Williams, Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel.


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