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Haven 3X01 “A Sacrifice” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/27/2012

Haven 3x01 A SacrificeHaven 3X01

Season 3, Episode 301

A Sacrifice

Audrey is missing. On the last show of Haven during the last season she was tazed and kidnapped from her apartment, right before Nathan showed up at her door for their first date. Now Nathan is furious when he finds a clue in Audrey’s apartment that leads him straight to Duke.

Nathan shows up on Duke’s boat, ready to rip him to shreds. Duke swears he doesn’t know where Audrey is, and is upset himself that she’s missing. They fight and wrestle, and when a drop of Nathan’s blood lands on Duke, he has superhuman strength and shoves Nathan across the room. They’re just about to go after each other again when everything metallic in the room flies up to the ceiling and sticks there. After that, Nathan and Duke decide to put aside their differences long enough to work together to find Audrey.

Once they get to town, they discover everyone has had similar metal-related incidents. After talking with Dwight, Dave, and Vince about Audrey’s disappearance, everyone starts looking for clues. A call comes in to the police station about another abduction, this time from the Altair Bay Inn. When Nathan and Duke arrive at the Altair Bay Inn, they are greeted by Wesley, the owner’s son, who points to a large blood stain on the carpet and tells them, “they took her, and we don’t have much time.” Wesley leads them out the back door and pointing to the sky says, “they’ll come for me soon.”

Nathan and Duke suspect Wesley murdered his mother and says the aliens came to get her. They arrest him and take him back to his house to see what’s going on. Meanwhile, the camera pans into the Inn’s basement, where we see Audrey tied up to a post. Soon, a tiny voice comes from behind Audrey, on the other side of the wall. “Please don’t let him hurt me. I don’t know what he wants.” Audrey asks who she is and the woman replies she is the owner of the Inn. So, she is Wesley’s mother.

Meanwhile, at Wesley’s house, Nathan and Duke find numerous clippings from gossip magazines taped all over Wesley’s house. All the stories are the same as what’s currently going on in Haven. Wesley is obviously troubled, and is making these things happen because he believes them to be true.

At the Inn, Audrey figures out an escape plan, but cannot finish quickly enough to save herself and the Innkeeper. She hears the kidnapper dragging the other woman away, screaming. Audrey finds a phone and calls Nathan, digs around the basement to find a weapon, then sneaks up the stairs only to be grabbed by Duke so she doesn’t accidentally slice him in half. Audrey turns to see Duke, breathes a huge sigh of relief only to turn again and see Nathan, and runs into Nathan’s arms. Duke is absolutely crushed, and I felt terrible for him!

As the mother ship arrives in Haven, Audrey tries to reason with Wesley to get him to make it go away, Duke threatens to kill him, but Nathan tells him that Wesley’s grandfather couldn’t make it stop, either, so maybe he left town. Wesley gets the message and decides his grandfather may be with the aliens, waiting for him. He walks outside and is immediately beamed up into the spaceship. As soon as Wesley leaves, the alien invasion ceases. So, okay, if this is his imagination, where did he go? Seriously?

Audrey now remembers her kidnapper continually asked her about the Colorado Kid. She asked Dave and Vince if the Colorado Kid was still alive and they told her, “absolutely not.” So Nathan and Duke dig up the body, only to find a coffin full of bricks, and a message scrawled in Audrey’s handwriting on the bottom of the coffin telling her to find the Colorado Kid before “the Hunter” finds him.

Unknown to all, Audrey’s assailant watches from not too far away…


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