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Hawaii Five-o Season 3, Halloween Themed Episode Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/08/2012

Monday September 24, 2012 on CBS. Hawaii Five-O: Scoop on a Halloween-themed episode in season 3


Here’s a new scoop from Hawaii Five-O out of  Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez’s Spoiler Room column, it  was posted on 9/8/12.



Hey Sandra! I’m dying for some Hawaii Five-o scoop? Can you help me out pllleeease?! — @lexi_girl89

Pretty Little Liars isn’t the only one planning a Halloween ep! I hear there’s a pretty fun-sounding Halloween-themed episode in the works that finds McGarrett and Danny working a murder that took place at a costume party, and Kono and Chin Ho working a case with a pagan twist. My hope? We see at least ONE person rocking a costume. In my dreams, it’s McGarrett as Batman. Mmm…(I’ve clearly gone off topic.)



So everyone seems to be getting on the Halloween train. With Pretty Little Liars, the Halloween episode actually does take place on a train In the Hawaii Five-0 Halloween special McGarrett and Danny will work a murder at a costume party. Oh, the old who done it halloween costume party story. No, we haven’t seen that one before. Still it should be fun, Danny and McGarrett are sure to blow a few things up.


Hawaii Five-o returns in 16 days. The all new episode 3×01 is titled ‘La O Na Makuahine (mother’s Day). Look for it on Monday September 24, 2012 on CBS.


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