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Hell on Wheels, Season 3 On Hold Due To AMC Drama

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/01/2012

Hell on Wheels, Season 3 On Hold Due To AMC DramaHell on Wheels, Season 3 On Hold Due To AMC Drama



Here’s some new Hell on Wheels scoop that I’m sad to report. The show-runners have quit and now, the good news we got early this week about the shows renewal isn’t so good. The actual renewal is on hold, because without the show-runner, there may not be a show.



Here’s the Hell On Wheels scoop per Deadline

There is some behind-the-scenes drama on AMC‘s Hell On Wheels. The Western drama on Monday was given a 10-episode third-season renewal, but it was picked up without its creators/executive producers Joe and Tony Gayton, who left their day-to-day duties on the show with a possibility to consult when their contract was not renewed. At the time, AMC said John Shiban would continue as executive producer/showrunner. Now I hear that veteran showrunner Shiban has informed the network that he won’t be coming back after two years on the show. As a result, I hear the show’s pickup has been put on hold until a new showrunner is found.



Sure, lots of shows bring in new show-runners. True Blood and Community come to mind, but Hell on Wheels is so esoteric, I’m not sure anyone else could do the job John Shiban’s does and he’s Joe and Tony Gayton hired hand. More importantly, I’m not sure AMC would try to go on without him.  I’ll keep an eye on this, and keep all you Hell on Wheel fans posted. Seriously, I need for Lily Bell.


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