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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Special, A Very Boo Halloween Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/07/2013

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo 1x11Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Special, A Very Boo Halloween Recap and Review



Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, A Very Boo Halloween Synopsis: When the family celebrates Halloween, June sports a new look, while Alana anticipates a big candy haul. But a pumpkin carving session ends in embarrassing fashion for Uncle Poodle.”


I have heard a lot of things about Honey Boo Boo; for instance my son says that watching the show lowers your IQ. I know many who have refused to watch a single episode and the show is dividing the country into lovers and haters. Those who watch the show will see what I saw tonight; a family that enjoys the time they spend together in spite of the snarky remarks aimed at each other. Hmm, doesn’t sound much different than you and me. Alana has a huge ego, and her sisters are no better, thinking that they’re better than their mother because she is fat. There is no such thing as political correctness in the Thompson/ Shannon household. A fart is a fart, fat is fat, and bugs are bugs. No one is afraid of telling it like it is, calling it as they see it, and ribbing each other about everything. They are, however, afraid of mayonnaise ( June) and Frogs (Jessica).


For those of you who haven’t seen the show, the family breaks down like this. Mama Boo Boo is June Shannon, and she has four daughters, all with different fathers. Chickadee: Anna, Chubbs: Jessica, Pumpkin: Lauryn, and Honey Boo Boo: Alana. Mike Thompson is Sugar Bear and he is Alana’s father. Anna Shannon recently gave birth to Kaitlyn Shannon and has yet to name the child’s father. Mike’s brother Lee Thompson is nicknamed Uncle Poodle because that’s what Alana calls gay people: Poodles. Okay, so that sounds a bit repulsive, but give me time. You may like this show yet!


The special opens with a bit of family fun as one of the daughters goes through the house trying to wake people up with some leaves hanging from a stick (I think it was leaves, kind of looked like seaweed). She tickles her mother’s nose, and Alana’s. It is pretty funny to watch. Sugar Bear is spending most of his time in a wheel chair; he explains that he was in an accident as June says he “ain’t been to work in a month” and it’s driving her crazy having him around the house all day. She taps his foot to see if it hurts.


The family has big plans this Halloween which starts with setting up the decorations. Honey Boo Boo claims that she is the only one doing the work of decorating as she pounds a sign into the yard. The driveway is set up with a semi-circle of large decorations including a witch, a bear and many pumpkins; Alana’s favorite is the huge “spinny eyes” pumpkin she says reminds her of her sister. “She’s crazy.” Alana says, swirling a finger next to her head.

Next up the family is off to what Mama calls a “Redneck Pumpkin Patch” where they can choose the hay ride, or the cows to the pumpkin picking area. Don’t worry; they aren’t real cows, just a wagon train of cow cars dragged by the truck. June doesn’t trust ‘them’ cows.


Chubbs is extremely snarky towards her mother and wants to choose a pumpkin that looks like June. Everyone agrees that the “wop-sided” pumpkin is the most like the matriarch of the Shannon clan. She is afraid that the huge pumpkin will cost too much; and she maintains that she is not wop-sided. “I am curvaceous and beautimous” June says to the camera. Once everyone has chosen a pumpkin, it’s time to hit the play areas.


First up is Dodge Ball in a hay pit; bales of hay have been stacked around a large square area and the girls all get in on the game. Unfortunately for June, they are all aiming at her. One too many times in the face and it’s game over.  Mama tells the girls to get back in the cows and the truck heads off… Oops, they’ve forgotten Sugar Bear and Kaitlyn! Sugar Bear sits in his wheel chair feeding the baby.


At home, June has decided to dye her hair back to blonde, but can’t afford what it would cost in a salon. She has decided to let the girls dye her hair. Alana is the worst for getting the dye in June’s eyes which can’t be good, since June claims to be half blind already. Alana says the dye smells like feet and dirty mouth; wonder what kind of dye that is. In the meantime, Mike says that June’s hair being blond will make his loins perk up.


Alana rinses her mom’s hair and soon it’s time for the big reveal. I have to admit that June looks a lot better as a blonde. The girls don’t like it but Mike loves it and so does June. The rest of the show will have Sugar Bear referencing June’s blonde locks and what they’re doing to him.


Pumpkin carving turns out to be a bit of a mess at the Thompson/Shannon household. June says no one knows how to carve pumpkins but they do a better job than I ever did. Uncle Poodle claims to be an expert Pumpkin carver and shows up with his own pumpkin. Mike is the first to expose the pumpkin’s “brains” and says he didn’t realize the inside was so gooey. He makes a goo mustache. The next thing you know, June is telling Alana not to put the pumpkin goo in her hair and an all out pumpkin goo fight breaks out. Even little Kaitlyn gets pulled in when someone sticks pumpkin seeds all over her face. “She looks like a sesame seed bun.” One of the girls is heard to comment.


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Once all the pumpkins are carved, Uncle Poodle gets a funny idea. He puts Junes wop-sided pimpkin on his head. It’s funny at first, but takes a turn for the worse when he can’t get out. The rest of the family goes in the house and leaves him on the porch. Mike does come out and offer him a hammer. Ironically, while Lee won’t hit himself in the Pumpkin Head with a hammer, he has no problem bashing his Pumpkin Head repeatedly on the concrete porch until he is finally free.Honey Boo Boo Mayonnaise


In this episode the children decide to try and get June over her fear of mayonnaise. She can hardly talk about the stuff and won’t eat it because when she was a kid her babysitter made mayonnaise sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. She says that she will eat potato salad and tuna salad, if she hasn’t made it herself or seen it made. She even suffers through making these dishes for her family. When Alana opens three jars of Mayonnaise and dumps them into a large bowl, June is visibly shaken at what happens next. She must cover her face as her anxiety level rises. The girls tease about throwing it in her face, and making her eat it until she must leave the room and is shrieking for the mayo to be taken away.


The evening’s ghost story involves Alana’s story of the Fart Ghost. You smell it before you see it. With flashlight to her chin, Honey Boo Boo starts to talk about the fart ghost, but first comes the fart, which sends everyone scrambling. Alana gives chase, yelling he farted Mayonnaise.


At Kackleberry Farms, the family plans to have a fun day. There is a Corn Maze, a giant bounce “pillow” and a zip line to name a few of the activities. The corn maze is first and Alana leads the family around in a circle. Finally June has to pee so bad that she goes in the corn field the old fashioned way  “drip dry and shake it three times” she says. Finally the family gets on the right track and Alana runs ahead saying she can smell the ending.


On the giant pillow, June watches as the girls practically bounce out of their jeans. They’re having a great time, but Mama insists that they should have worn belts or suspenders. She makes a bet that Jessica will be the first one to lose her pants.


Finally it’s time to ride the zip line. Anna makes it to the top of the stairs and rides the line with June yelling to her all the way across the corn field. Mike says that June and the girls can communicate across great distances by hollering. June is proud of the fact that she can be heard so far away..


Costume selection is an interesting part of the show as the whole family is greeted when they walk into the costume shop. Honey Boo Boo wants a wig and is directed to the wig section. Soon the family members are trying on big heads and costumes. Alana wants a costume with bacon, but the owner says he’s fresh out of bacon. Mike dresses up in a frog costume; he says the easiest person to scare is Jessica, she’s terrified of frogs of all kinds.


In spite of all the fun at the costume shop, Alana still doesn’t know what she’s gonna be for Halloween “But I’m gonna be cute.” She says. I have to admit that while I didn’t think I would like this show, or the family, they are growing on me.


Halloween turns out to be a bad day for Pumpkin. She wanted to get in the truck and Mike tossed her the keys. She didn’t catch them and they hit her in the eye. She’s laid up and on bed rest; her eye is bleeding in the front and the back. Alana brings her a present a “Pumpkin Patch” which is an eye patch that has a pumpkin on the front of it. Alana helps her sister put it on and says “Look inside” which as all of us know is impossible, it’s on her eye. Pumpkin reaches her fingers inside the pumpkin and finds candy. Plus Alana has said she will go trick or treating for her sister. Pumpkin isn’t worried about candy, she says that Alana is very aggressive.


For Halloween little Kaitlyn is a hot dog and a cute little hot dog she is. Anna and Jessica are dressed as Ketchup and Mustard. Alana is a gothic vampire. Mike comes out dressed as a bear. Alana races to the kitchen to complete his outfit; she grabs a five pound sack of sugar and hands it to him. “Now you’re a Sugar Bear.”


The family waits to see June; her blonde hair gave Mike an idea. He ordered her a Marilyn Monroe costume. In spite of the rude comments made by the children, and the fact that Mike said she was making him a Horny Bear; I think June looked nice in the dress. She wasn’t comfortable in it because that’s not how she dresses, and the girls made her even more self conscious by poking fun at her. Alana to the rescue; there was a last minute costume change. Alana put her mom in white long johns covered with swaths of toilet paper. After seeing the shelves full of toilet paper that June purchases with her coupons, I don’t think this will be missed. Alana introduces her creation as “My Mummy.” The older girls think she looks like a toilet monster, but they are always picking on their mother anyway.


The Thompson/Shannon clan head out on “a trailer with hay on it, to ride to the country clubs and get big candy.” As Pumpkin says, Alana is aggressive, and June has to tell her to leave some candy for the other kids. It’s funny later when one of the people says she’s been back for more candy three times. The most disgusting part is when the girls start peeling toilet paper off of their mother to blow their noses. June does not want that back!


At home June goes through the candy with the girls. She says the girls got four bags a piece and it should last until Valentines Day. Alana got Dental Floss and June shows her how to use it. June says they usually throw away fruit and vegetables when they get back to the trailer. An apple has made it home and she gives it to Alana to go feed the deer. The child goes outside and shouts for deer, but none come to get the apple from her.  Once the family fun is over, Alana takes a bucket of candy and dumps it all over Pumpkin in her bed. As the show draws to a close, June is sitting at the table with three bowls of candy. Alana shouts for her to quit eating their candy.


In the end, as June says, it’s all about the family and having fun together.


That’s why I have to say that I liked the show. Yes, they do disgusting things sometimes; they can be nasty and snarky towards one another. Sometimes the yelling and shouting gets to be a bit much for Mike and for the viewer. But what do you expect? That’s what families do.


Honey Boo Boo’s A Very Boo Halloween Special will air again on TLC on Wednesday, January, 9th at 8:/7: Central, and Thursday, January 10th at 1:00 a.m./12: Central.


Honey Boo Boo’s Thanksgiving Special is slated to air on Sunday, January 13th, 2013 at 9:/8: Central.


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