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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Special, A Very Boo Thanksgiving, Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/13/2013

A Very Boo ThanksgivingHere Comes Honey Boo Boo Special, A Very Boo Thanksgiving, Recap and Review


Honey Boo Boo, “A Very Boo Thanksgiving Special” Summary: June plans a simple and inexpensive Thanksgiving dinner for the family’s biggest meal of the year.


Honey Boo Boo’s Thanksgiving Special starts in the hospital. The Halloween special last week showed Pumpkin catching the truck keys with her eye instead of her hand. After she was sent home and put on bed rest, it was learned that her retina had separated and she needed emergency surgery. June and Sugar Bear are trying to wake her up and take her home from the hospital where she will return to bed rest. This time it’s Pumpkin in the wheel chair, Sugar Bear says. June thinks her family likes all the attention they get from doctors.. Pumpkin must not strain her eye, and has a patch over it. SShe has been given a pot and a spoon so she can “bang” for Mama should she need anything. June says that is driving her half crazy.


In the pantry, Mama, Chubbs and Alana gather to help with Honey Boo Boo’s homework. It’s about the first Thanksgiving and it is a sign of our educational system that none of June’s children know anything about History. Jessica thinks Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1942. June says that was World War II, so the teenager backs it up to 1842. Jessica doesn’t get a single answer right, but June is able to pull some correct answers from the 7 year old Alana. Alana thinks the Pilgrims came over on the Mayship or the Flower ship, but at least she’s half right. Eventually she gets the right answers, with some prodding from her Mama. Anna thinks the Amish are Pilgrims because they dress the same.


June finally admits that she knows nothing about World History. “I mean, I can’t remember everything.” Ding Ding, she got that one right.


Next Alana is seen in her mother’s room, pulling out clothes and muttering “Perfect.” When she finds what she needs. “Smoochie, what’re you doing in there? June hollers from the other room. She shouts that Alana better not be getting in her clothes. The child hoists her bundle in her arms and swears she’s not. She takes the clothes outside saying they are building a “June Crow.”


Uncle Poodle has shown up to help with the scarecrow for the yard for Fall. Alana holds a screw gun and says “Power tools are a blast.” As Poodle and the girls are building the scare crow, Alana keeps buzzing his butt with the screw gun. It’s pretty funny because he can’t get her to stop. Lee isn’t sure if they have enough hay for a June Crow; ironically this is the first time I have ever seen anyone put underwear and a bra on a scare crow. LOL.


The finishing touches to make the June Crow are a blonde wig and Alana painting the toes of the socks pink for nail polish. Mike thinks it looks beautiful; when June comes outside it is to Alana’s call: “Mama, I want you to come look at yourself!” June says it doesn’t look at all like her; she finds out her underwear are in there somewhere. “It’s a hot mess for real!” mama says.


June treats us all to a lesson in home cooking, and in family bonding, with her “Multi-meals.” I have to admit, my grandpa would have loved it. He always said it goes to the same place anyway. June just grabs whatever she has handy and puts it all in a baking pan. The meat, sides and sauce all go in, and she says your hands are your best utensils. I don’t know about chicken, mashed potatoes and barbecue sauce, but I have seen some interesting one dish casseroles in my day. She calls Alana to help her cook; the one ingredient she never skimps on is butter, which in this case means Country Crock. June says she cooks a meal two or three times a week so the family can get together and talk over dinner. She uses her girls as guinea pigs.


This year is June’s first Thanksgiving Dinner. She has always gone somewhere else with the family and she has no idea how it will turn out. She and the girls are all expecting burnt turkey. After discussing what everyone wants for Thanksgiving Dinner, Alana makes Turkey Hands for the refrigerator. First she draws her hand and then Kaitlyn’s. That baby is getting big, and she is just the prettiest child I ever saw!


June and the family sit in the living room as she describes “The worst Ideal ever!” to the agreement of all the girls. Alana wantedHoney Boo Boo, A Very Boo Thanksgiving to see a live turkey, so June arranged to go to a real farm. June says they had to get up at the “Ass-crack of dawn.” One thing everyone should know about this family is they love to “sleep, sleep, eat and sleep some more.” So June goes through the house with a pot and a metal spoon, banging the gong to wake the girls up. Alana needs her beauty sleep, and makes that clear in the video below. So cute, and I know just how she feels!


At the farm, Alana learns to milk a cow and a goat. Ironically this child is the only one that the farmer has ever seen squirt the goat’s milk right into her own mouth. She says it tastes like regular milk; I never thought it would but now I have Honey Boo Boo’s word for it. I don’t know a 7 year old that would lie about anything like that!


Alana falls in love with the Turkey and wants to take one home as a pet. The farmer warns her that you can’t train a turkey like you can a dog or cat. They go to the bathroom wherever they want. Alana keeps pestering June for a pet turkey. “How bout now?” No; “How bout now?” No; “Mama can I get a pet turkey?” No. June has got a lot of patience, that child does not take no for an answer!


At home, June tells Alana “Because I couldn’t get you a turkey, we got you another surprise.” Alana goes outside to be given a pet chicken, which she names Nugget, after her favorite, Chicken Nuggets! Mike hopes the hen will lay eggs for them and save them money, but June says she could never eat a pet’s eggs. It would be like if Jessica or Pumpkin laid a egg… No, not really, but I see where she’s going with that… kind of.


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As June goes shopping for Thanksgiving groceries, Pumpkin is driving her nuts, trying to keep the girl in bed. At the Piggly Wiggly June says she has no coupons, but there are sales. Pumpkin wants corn, and that’s buy one get one free. Jessica brings a huge bundle of collard greens. June has no idea why she likes them, no one else eats them. June doesn’t even know how to cook them. Here we learn something new about Honey Boo Boo. She is in love with cranberry sauce. Before June can stop her, the 7 year old has 24 cans in the cart. June puts some of the cans back. Alana says the cranberry jelly is the perfect shape and size and color. In the parking lot, as a typical child will do, Alana creates a song on the way to the car.


Since June really doesn’t want to cook the collard greens, she offers $10.00 to whichever girl can eat the most greens, Jessica or Anna. She gives them some hog jowl to wrap the collard leaves around and the girls are soon tied 5 each. At 5 and a half, Jessica gets really sick and keeps gagging until she throws up in a nearby bucket and concedes the victory to Anna. June says next time they’ll try spinach. It’s a nice way to turn the girls off of vegetables for good.


Pumpkin comes off of bed rest just in time for the holidays. June can’t get her to stop laying around now! Sugar Bear brings June a 16 pound honeysuckle turkey and she’s concerned because he was supposed to get one already cooked; they didn’t have any. No one knows how to cook a turkey. June calls Alana to help. “Butter and sugar makes everything better.” June tells the child. The first ingredient is butter aka Country Crock, which June stuffs the turkey with, liberally. Then she coats the bird with it enlisting Alana’s help. The sneezing is an extra bonus. “That’s your special sauce, but nobody knows.” Alana quips as her mother continues to sneeze on the turkey, then rub it the butter some more.


Thanksgiving Morning: June says she is not a morning person as she opens the oven and talks to Billy Bob, the turkey. “I been rubbin’ your ass all night.” She says as she spoons some butter from the pan onto the breast and then closes the oven for another hour. Her worst fear is the canopener giving out on her. In this house, if it doesn’t come in a can, June doesn’t make it. That’s home cooking, she opens the can and cooks it at home. Reminds me of one of my daughters’ idea of cooking!. June says she has about 50 cans opened up; it’s not a big meal, just family! 50 cans? She slices cranberry jelly and layers it with sugar. June likes this because at least her girls are eating fruit; and because cranberry juice wards off urinary tract infections. She thinks she is protecting her girls from infection with her “cranberry lasagna.” Just an FYI, cranberry jelly is not a fruit.


June demolished the turkey and mixed the sides all in one pan to make her Multi-meal. Again June reminds us that your hands are your best utensil. Once the concoction is mixed, it goes back in the oven. It’s sad, but she has planned to eat outdoors; I can understand wanting to make a one dish meal, and then have a few containers like gravy, cranberry sauce and corn on the side.


Outside the girls put two folding tables together and use a quilt for a table cloth. When they see there is dog poop on the underside, the girls put that spot in the center and make a centerpiece on top with a rock, a branch and some leaves. Everyone carries dishes to the table, and eat off of paper plates, after Alana says Grace, which amounts to have a good Thanksgiving, Amen.


After they start eating, June says she is making her own traditions. She has a hat shaped like a roasted turkey, and whoever where’s the hat states what they are thankful for. June starts and the hat gets passed around the table. Mostly they are all happy to have each other. It wouldn’t be a family dinner however, if there wasn’t a food fight. It starts with Uncle Poodle throwing something at Pumpkin. She’s mad because he hit her “professional shirt.” Eventually, in spite of June yelling at them to stop wasting food, Lauryn creams Lee with the entire bowl of gravy.


In the house everyone talks about how Thanksgiving went; in spite of all the butter, June’s turkey was dry. Pumpkin had only one plate, she says. 1+1+1, June claims. That’s four, Pumpkin tells her. June does the math and says, no, it’s three. Alana argues for a second, then does it on her fingers and admits it is three.

In the kitchen, June tells Alana that they are going to make soup out of what is left of the turkey. She finds the wishbone and explains that whoever gets the bigger piece gets their wish. June is careful as she holds her end of the wishbone, making sure that Alana will get the bigger piece and therefore her wish. In spite of what many people think, June Shannon isn’t a dummy.


When all is said and done, June says that they might do Thanksgiving again next year, minus the food fight.


In case you missed the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, A Very Boo Thanksgiving, you can catch the replay on TLC, Wednesday night at 8:/7: Central and again on the late night/early morning Thursday 1:AM/Midnight Central time. A Very Boo Christmas is scheduled for January 20th at 9:/8: Central and the new season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo begins January 27th, 2013.


Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, A Very Boo Thanksgiving, Beauty Sleep Video.


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