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Homeland 2X01 “The Smile” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/01/2012

Homeland Large Photo Season 2 Premiere Recap Episode 1 The Smile

Homeland Season 2, Episode 1 “The Smile.”

Original Air Date September 30, 2012

After the opening credits and season 1 recap, we see Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) living with her family and working as an English foreign language teacher. This takes places months after her relapse. Her father’s television interrupts the peace and quiet and we hear a television news anchor reporting Middle Eastern protests against the United States’ support of Israel. Carrie’s sister asks him to turn off the television. Her father says why should they wave it in her face when she’s made so much progress in her recovery and already knows what is going on. He complains he feels her lithium levels are too high. Her sister says that is none of his business. Carrie enters and says that he can turn the television back on now and says she has many exams to grade and disappears into her room.

Carrie goes to her dresser and takes her medication while looking in the mirror at a drawing reading “Breathe.” She sits at her desk and begins to look at the exams she is to grade. She is suddenly distracted by her laptop. She begins to read the reports on the internet, but closes the laptop and returns to grading the exams.

Cut to seeing the protests first hand outside the US Embassy. Saul (Mandy Pantinkin) is inside discussing the identity of a mysterious Israeli woman who might be an asset to a terrorist attack against the USA. We see that they have an image of her at one of their get-togethers. Saul’s associates specify that there have been too many coincidences with her to not take it seriously since their last asset committed suicide. Saul gets ready to leave to talk to this woman.

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Saul and a driver leave the embassy and make their way through the protestors, only to realize quickly that they are being followed by a car that has followed them before. Luckily, Saul is able to lose them and gets out and hides in an alleyway. After the followers lose sight of Saul, he gets in another car and walks down another alleyway and finds the asset sitting alone at a table. She gets up and tries to run away. Saul stops her and asks why she is running away when she wanted to talk. She claims to be someone else, but Saul flashes a photo of her and says they said she has information about an attack.

We now see Brody (Damian Lewis) in his new non-violent role of congressman and VP’s choice of running mate in a future presidential election. Brody is called in to see the Vice President William Walden (Jamey Sheridan). Walden says he is about to announce Brody as a choice of running mate. Brody agrees to this. Walden says the fact that Brody was in the Taliban prison for eight years might make people think she is damaged good and wants Brody to prepare for the media grilling him about the situation in the Middle East.

We see Carrie correcting a student of hers on his exam. She sees someone from the CIA knocking at the door. She walks into the hallway to talk to him. The CIA agent says Saul wants her. Carrie is resistant to it and tells the agent to tell him that he was right and she was never in the CIA to begin with and walks back into the classroom and tells the students that was nothing of consequence.

Brody arrives home and Jessica and their son are stunned about the news. They seem to be enjoying the idea of Brody’s potential new position. Jessica calls Dana (Morgan Saylor) in to see Brody. Dana comes out and acts very rude about she has no friends at her school. Brody and Jessica agree they were more well-adjusted when they were Dana’s age.

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Carrie arrives home, being watched from a car across the street and being told that Saul has been calling her. She calls Saul and he says they need her help. Carrie says she does not want to talk b/c she has to make dinner with the vegetables she picked from the garden. Carrie makes it clear she doesn’t want to talk to the driver. David comes out of the car and asks Carrie if she knows who the asset is. Carrie says her name is Fatima Ali and that she is the wife of a Hezbollah commander. Davis asks how Carrie knows her and she says she recruited her off-book because she wanted to keep her alive. Davis asks her to go on a three day mission to Beirut. Carrie cannot stop complaining about the unceremonious, humiliating way the CIA treated her. Carrie agrees to go b/c Fatima will not speak to anyone except her and she doesn’t feel she has a choice to be a good citizen and since Saul will be with her. Carrie’s sister disagrees with this decision, but her father supports it. Carrie leaves with a female agent who calls herself Joy. Carrie looks at the camera and grins as a foreshadowing to the titular smile.

Brody is sitting at his desk. A journalist named Roya enters who is connected to Nazir. She wants Brody to break into David’s safe to get some security codes. Roya reminds Brody of his promise to Nizir’s son, Issa, who died in the US drone strike. She says Brody must do this to prove his allegiance since the war between nations is still on, even though it doesn’t make him a terrorist against innocent people.

Dana is in school. Her classmates display an anti-Arab attitude. Dana cannot stand it and reveals that Brody is a Muslim.

Carrie has dyed her hair brown and is struggling to recite the details of her fake identity.Homeland Season 2 Episode 1 The Smile Recap

Brody arrives home. Jessica is angry at Dana. Dana thinks Jessica is just trying to keep good relations with Walden’s family. Brody comes to Dana’s aid and admits about the praying Dana observed him do in the previous season. Jessica finds the Koran and throws it down. She is upset b/c she thought Brody put this stuff behind him. Brody says it cannot touch the ground. Jessica confronts him about Carrie and if she knew he is Muslim. Brody reminds her that Carrie was fired and put in a mental institution. Jessica probably thinks Carrie is saner than Brody now.

Carrie is woken up by Joy. Carrie does not seem too excited about her mission.

Brody is getting wanded down in the CIA entrance. David talks to Saul on his cell phone and they both agree they are worried about Carrie’s mental state while staring down at Brody. David says they will not delay the mission and that he needs Saul to walk Carrie through it in an hour. David meets with Brody in his office. The CIA agrent who bothered Carrie in her classroom appears and says Roya is in the pressroom wanting a comment. David leaves Brody in his office alone. Brody begins to look around for David’s safe. He locates and opens the safe and takes out some files. Roya talks with Davis effectively distracting him while Brody successfully searches for the codes. David denies Roya a comment, despite a dinner offer. David does, however, accept dinner. Brody successfully puts the files and back and closes the safe, but notices he forgot to include a small book, which he hides as David re-enters.

Carrie is walking through the airport. She goes through customs and goes to her hotel. She displays anxiety once in the room.

Carrie talks to Saul and he walks her in the right direction. Saul agrees to meet her somewhere else to elude the followers and orders Carrie to throw her phone away and hide. Carrie successfully does this and loses the followers by switching scarfs, striking him in a crowded area, pretending he is her husband to get the other woman to pick him up, and running away smiling.

Brody wakes up. He goes to the garage and takes the Koran out. He proceeds to bury it out of respect in the back yard since it was knocked on the ground by Jessica. Dana comes out and helps him, suggesting that she will support him unconditionally.

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