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Homeland 2X02 “Beirut Is Back” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/08/2012

Homeland Season 2 Episode 2 Beirut is Back RecapHomeland Season 2, Episode 2 “Beirut Is Back” Recap

An establishing shot informs us that we are looking at Beirut, Lebanon. Carrie meets with Fatima after Fatima’s daily prayer at her Mosque. Fatima asks Carrie for 5 million dollars and to fly her to the US since her sister lives in Detroit in exchange for telling her that her husband is going to meet with Abu Nazir.

Back in the US, Brody is meeting with Walden about an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Walden tells Brody the only thing stopping the Israelis from getting the job done is that the President has put a block on export license on a bunker buster order. Walden explains that Brody should not be concerned with Arabs. Walden says the President is just riding out his term, not defending the US and does not care if it results in a nuclear Iran in the next term. Walden makes sure Brody is still with his team and specifies that this meeting is off-book and no one can know about it.

At the same party, Jessica is browsing food when Walden’s wife, Suki, comes up to her and offers her a party hosting gig for a fundraiser for wounded soldiers to boost Brody’s profile as a war veteran supporter. Brody arrives and takes Jessica away, but not before she agrees to do it, despite having to previous fundraising experience. Brody tells Jessica that he doesn’t think supporting war veterans is a good idea, considering who is hosting the party they are currently attending.

Saul is at the embassy when Carrie buzzes to be let in. Saul is relieved to see her and tells her they almost called a search party for her. Carrie says she doesn’t need to be debriefed b/c she already met Fatima alone at her mosque. Saul does not that she broke protocol, since he believes it is a ploy to lure the US military into a neighborhood controlled by Hezbollah. Saul insists on scheduling another meeting at the embassy but Carrie says it’ll be too late b/c of what Fatima told her. Carrie then says she needs to remove her colored contact lenses.

David walks into his office with Scott waiting for him. They initiate a Skype conversation with Carrie and Saul. The now-blonde Carrie talks about the meeting. Saul says they need their people on the ground since it is a residential area. Scott says the blueprints they are showing are full of holes. David knows a draw strike is out of the question. Saul says that is all they can see from satellite. Scott notes that his men could be walking into anything. Saul thinks it is a sham, but Carrie does not. David asks how does Fatima know this is going to happen. Carrie replies that Fatima heard her husband talk about it on a satellite phone. David asks how the voice was confirmed. Carrie doesn’t have answer. David is worried this will result in a “Black Hawk Down” type of situation. Saul says he will have to get back to him about this.

Jessica arrives at Walden’s house with Dana. Jessica asks Dana to describe Brody’s praying. Dana does and describes it as “weird,” and Jessica agrees. They enter The Waldens’ house. Dana goes to the library to do her homework while Suki takes Jessica out into the courtyard and asks if she can get Brody to be the keynote speaker at the party.

Dana almost immediately begins to snoop around. She comes to a glass case and tries to open it. The Walden’s’ son stops her. He says that Dana saying that her dad is a Muslim was a new kind of crazy, and then tries to picture Dana in a burka with his hands. Dana flips him off.

Back in Beirut, Carrie is hyperventilating as she hears David talking to Saul about the meeting on speaker phone. David gives Saul carte blanche as to whether to proceed or not. Saul takes the phone off speaker so Carrie cannot hear David. David tells Saul he was supposed to keep Carrie on a short leash and Saul admits he didn’t want Carrie there in the first place. Carrie hears this and goes into a breathing fit. She leaves the bedroom and goes to the roof. Saul finds her and Carrie says that no one resects her judgment is not lost on her. She talks about how sure she was about Brody and how being wrong hurt her so much. Every time she sees something, Carrie thinks of Brody and it disappears. Carrie says they have a chance to get evidence. Saul says he won’t risk American lives on a hunch. Carrie says she is sure of Fatima b/c she helped her out of a bad domestic situation. Carrie says she believes the part of her that recruited Fatima most of all. Saul then gives permission for the operation.

Brody is looking for his car keys and calls his secretary, Betsy, in to reschedule is next appointment. Brody’s marine friend walks in the room anyway, knowing that Brody would do something like that. Brody drives with the friend and says the Marines are getting restless and not believing the story on Tom Walker’s death. The marines are wondering why Brody is so defensive and unhelpful. Brody then agrees to make some calls.

Back at the Pentagon, David enters a room filled with monitors to look at the situation in Beirut. The monitors show views from the snipers’ rifles. Carrie and Saul get hooked in from the embassy as well.

Brody is also waiting in the Pentagon. Walden approaches him and alerts him of the operation. David’s team is watching the monitors. They see that a militia team stops in the middle of the neighborhood and orders everyone out. They can tell that they have been informed that the operation was taking place, probably by the informant. Carrie looks worried. David orders to switch from capture to kill b/c there are too many hostiles. Walden brings Brody in the room and he watches the events unfold. Another vehicle arrives. David identities the two men who get out of the car as two new targets. Brody looks worried and gets out his cell phone. Brody sends a text message saying “May 1.” Nazir gets out of the car, Scott orders to fire at him. The men give Nazir the cell phone. He reads the message and ducks out of the way, just in time to miss the bullets while the other two men are killed. Nazir is rushed out of the neighborhood. Saul rushes Carrie out of the embassy.

Walden is furious that Nazir got away. They know he was informed. Brody looks very nervous as he puts his phone away. In the van, Saul tells Carrie that the team got out alright but Nazir got away. Carrie says they need to find him, but Saul says they’re lucky with what they got. Saul says Carrie was right and that this was nothing but a victory. They stop at Fatima’s. place. Fatima is about to get in the van, but Carrie stops her. Carrie wants to see inside the apt b/c the person who Nazir was seeing lives there. Carrie runs into the building against Saul’s wishes. Carries rummages through everything and takes a bag and some files and cds. The militiamen notice the van and surround it and try to destroy it. Saul waits, and then orders them to drive off after they break the windshield. Carries is still inside the building. The militia also run inside and fire shots as Carrie escapes. Carrie crushes the skull of one on her way down the stairs and a CIA agent rescues her and carries her off. They run down the street and catch up with the van. Carrie and the agent both get in safely and drive off.

Meanwhile, Brody meets up with Roya. Brody is upset and says he cannot be sending text messages while surrounded by the joint chiefs. Roya doesn’t seem to care. Brody unconvincingly says he is not right for the job and has already done his part. Roya says they have been hurt and Brody is more important than ever and intends to stay in touch. Roya then leaves. Brody then meets with the marines in a bar. Lauder calls out Brody and says he wants Brody to use his political power to get to the bottom of Walker’s death. Lauder says Brody’s disinterest is “unbecoming.” Brody says Walker was a traitor. Lauder won’t let it go and is told to shut up.

Brody comes into Dana’s room. Dana tells him about Jessica’s fundraiser and to say yes to speak at it. Dana tells Brody that she is instant messaging the Walden’s son. Dana says she wrong about him being a moron. Brody says it happens and leaves the room.

Carrie is then returned home. Carrie walks in and greeted with silence.

Back in Beirut, Saul is looking through the items Carrie found inside the apt. At first, the items reveal nothing and are thought to be Fatima’s. Saul sends the agent home and decides to ship everything to Langley. Saul begins to pack everything up, when he miraculously discovers an SD card woven into the fabric of the bag Carrie found. Saul puts it in a card reader and sees what is on it. The contents of the card is the video Brody made when he was about to kill Walden in a suicide bomb mission in season 1. Brody clearly will have a lot of explaining to do now.


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