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Homeland 2X03 “State of Independence” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/15/2012

Homeland Large Photo Season 2 Episode 3 PhotoHomeland Season 2, Episode 3 “State of Independence”

We start at the Beirut International Airport. Saul is making his way through security to go back to the US. A Lebanese soldier scans his suitcase, takes the suitcase from the x-ray, then leads Saul into a backroom. Saul gets defensive and says that he is a diplomat and shows his paperwork. A Hezbollah representative goes through Saul’s materials anyway, eventually using a knife to cut the lining of his briefcase were the chip Saul found in Episode 2 is hidden. Saul is told to never return to Lebanon. However, when Saul gets onto the plane, we are shown that he has the real memory card elsewhere in his possession and it will be returning to the US with him.

Cut to Carrie staying up writing up the mission she just returned from. Her father enters her room and tells her she is not getting enough sleep. Carrie assures him she feels fine and returns to her work.

Homeland 2X02 “Beirut Is Back” Recap

We now see Jessica going over Brody’s speech that she finds on a table. Jessica seems stunned how Brody’s views of returning home to his family were altered by being tortured by the Taliban. Brody and Jessica begin to make love but are interrupted by the sounds of their children arriving.

Brody then receives a call from Hammad. Hammad tells Brody that the CIA is going to discover the Gettsburg tailor who made the bomb Brody wore in Season 1 b/c of Carrie. The tailor needs to be moved to a safe house and Brody should do it. Brody is conflicted b/c he is speaking at Jessica’s party that night. Hammad is undeterred and thinks Brody could get back in time to move the tailor if he leaves now to give the speech.

Danny arrives at Carrie’s to receive the report. Danny praises her work on the mission and alers her of the debriefing time.

Cut to Brody going to the tailor’s shop. Brody alerts him that the CIA is on their way to capture him and he needs to leave right away. The tailor seems worried. Brody sees that there is a truck parked across the street so they need to leave right away. As they flee, the truck follows them and Brody makes an immediate turn into a gravel lot.

Cut to Carrie awaiting confirmation from Danny.

The tailor is concerned that Brody is not telling him much. They suddenly get a flat tire after the tailor tells Brody that his name is Bassel. Brody is disappointed to discover that there is no equipment to repair it in the trunk.

We now see Jessica being very nervous and anxious about setting up the party.

Brody uses his mechanical expertise to create a jack out of some logs. Jessica suddenly calls Brody and he lies to her to get her off his back. Bassel hears a part of the conversation and misinterprets it as Brody might kill him.

Cut to Carrie arriving at CIA headquarters and is told Estes is in a meeting. Carrie exits and goes to the debriefing room an sees Estes speaking without involving her. Estes sees Carrie and pushes her out of the room and tells her that her work at the CIA is finished. Carrie gets into the elevator and tries to not sob.

Brody stops for gas. He returns to find the tailor gone. Brody then sees hi running through the woods away from him.

Carrie returns home and is packing her belongings. Carries tells her father she cannot figure how to move on with her life with her family always in her way.
Cut to Brody’s cell phone ringing. As Brody answers it, the tailor sneaks up behind him and smacks him upside the head. Brody is not knocked out and chases him down. However, the tailor falls into a root, which impales him, rendering Brody’s mission useless. The tailor wants to be taken to a hospital, but Brody refuses b/c that would lead him into the CIA. Brody’s phone rings. Brody tells Jessica a lie about waiting for a tow. Walden will be arriving soon and Jessica is in a panic and starts to doubt Brody. The tailor begins to make noise and Brody covers his tracks by breaking his neck while talking.

Carrie is back in her own apartment. She dresses herself up in a dress, make-up, and false wedding ring. She then tries to commit suicide by downing a bottle full of pills. She lies down in her bed, then changes her mind and throws the pills up into the toilet.

Cut to Brody making a grave in the rain for the tailor.
Cut to Jessica being forced to give the keynote speech herself after Walden comments on there being no speech. She speaks of military families needing more help.

Cut to Brody washing himself off at a car wash, despite the rain outside.

Jessica arrives home with Mike. They enter to have a drink. Suddenly, Brody appears. Mike leaves, but Brody is not very happy that they entered the house together. Jessica asks Brody where he was all day and during the party. Brody sticks to his false story about a union meeting but Jessica is not convinced. Jessica tells Brody that he needs to rethink his marriage. Dana has overheard this since she is behind the wall, and turns her head away.

Saul rings Carrie’s doorbell, which wakes her up. Saul says he just arrived and wants her to be the first person to see the video of Brody. Carrie watches it and cries since she knew she right about him from the get-go.


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