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Homeland 2X04 “New Car Smell” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/23/2012

Homeland Season 2 Episode 4 New Car Smell RecapHomeland Season 2, Episode 4 “New Car Smell.”

It starts with Saul arriving at Estes’ house. Saul shows Estes the video Brody he found in second episode of the season. Saul doesn’t want Brody arrested yet. Saul wants to follow him with people outside the CIA to see if they can learn about any future attacks he might be planning.

Cut to Brody apologizing to Jessica. Jessica wants him to explain his behavior, as she doesn’t trust him anymore. Brody refuses to divulge anything. Jessica pretty much orders Brody out and he packs his bags.

Cut to a short scene where Dana gets closer to Finn.

Next, Max & Virgil are following Brody. Carrie is traduced to Peter by Saul. Peter wants Carrie to bump into Brody at CIA headquarters b/c that might cause Brody to want to report to a handler that he might be under investigation.

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Cut to Brody leaving his car to have the stench of the tailor erased at a detailing place with a man of Middle Eastern descent. Max & Virgil are watching from afar.

Carrie bumps into Brody intentionally as he’s entering. Carrie won’t tell him what she’s working on but tries to be personable to Brody.

Lauder arrives at Jessica’s door, probably drunk. Lauder wants to talk to Brody. Jessica tells him to wait and calls Mike.

Peter and Saul are happy with Carrie’s performance. They say they are able to follow Brody as he talks with Hammad. She suggests that Carrie might not be there for him and thinks renewing his relationship with her could be useful.

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Peter questions Carrie about her affair with Brody in season one.

Mike arrives at Jessica’s and helps with Lauder. The CIA actually hears Jessica say that she is not ready for Brody to come home.

Lauder tells Mike he thinks Brody and Walker were working together.

Dana and Finn are doing homework together. Walden drops by and gives Finn crap. Dana sticks up for him.

The people following Brody sees everyone he’s met over the past couple of days. Carrie isn’t confident about Peter’s intentions and asks Virgil to do a background search on him. However, Carrie and Peter end up watching Brody together that night.

Dana goes for a ride with Finn on his new BMW. They end up going to a restricted area in the form of the top of the Washington Monument. They kiss, but Dana feels guilty b/c of Xander…yet she seems to like Finn more.

Lauder wakes up and Mike discusses Brody’s CIA connection. They talk ore about Walker’s death without coming to any real conclusions.

Peter wants to know if Carrie really fell in love with Brody during their affair. Virgil sees Brody in a bar. It is made clear that they have access to the security cameras where Brody is staying. Brody actually calls Carrie and asks her to join him. Carrie agrees but Peter wants her to scare him by mentioning Nazir.

Carrie arrives at the bar. Saul watches the action with Peter. Carrie suggests she is close to nabbing a terrorist. She updates Brody about her therapy and Brody apologizes. Brody then leaves.

Carrie calls Peter up and says it is all Brody’s fault she messed it up. Saul and Peter do not agree and tell her to come back. Carrie then suggests that Brody will give himself away and to move in when he does.

Brody is then seen on the hotel bed. Carrie knocks and Brody lets her enter. She says the mention of the room number was a ploy to get Carrie to come to his room for possible sex. Carrie then lays it all out and chides Brody over his true feelings she now has proof about. Carrie lets it be known that she knows she is not crazy after he convinced everyone she was. Brody is about to take action, but is arrested before he can.


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