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Homeland 2X05 “Q & A” Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/30/2012

Homeland 2X05 Q & AHomeland Season 2, Episode 5 “Q & A” Recap

We see that Brody is in custody in a very dark room.

Estes enters this chamber and is told what happened from peter and Saul. They feel they need to grill him for information immediately. Saul recommends Carrie for this job. Estes brings Carrie into the chamber, but says he wants Peter to question Brody first.

Peter informs Brody of the situation, of how he isn’t getting a lawyer and everything is taking place off the grid. Brody lies and says he doesn’t know anything about Isa.

While watching the video feed Saul and Carrie comment that Peter is good.

Peter then asks about what happened in the safe room with Walden, asking him about wearing a bomb. Brody denies it all, but Peter shows him the confession video Saul found in episode 2. Peter then leaves, planning to allow Brody to suffer with no sleep.

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Jessica informs Chris and Dana that Brody is staying in a hotel. Dana mentions this to Finn and he understands. Dana then says that she is no longer dating Xander and wants to now go out with him.

Estes tells Greg that Brody is on assignment for the CIA and will be out of reach for a few days. Estes instructs him to tell everyone that he has the flu, but does say that he is having marriage problems.

Cut to Jessica trying to get ahold of Brody on his cell phone. No one picks up.

Knowing that Jessica has called three times, Peter continues to grill Brody. Brody finally admits his relationship to Isa and his death, but denies wearing the vest. Peter threatens to tell Jessica, Chris, and Dana, but Brody is not concerned about that. Peter then questions about Nazir’s upcoming strike. Brody feigns ignorance.  Peter then takes out a knife and stabs the back of Brody’s hand. Carrie and Saul rush into the room and Carrie requests that she take over the interrogation as Brody receives medical treatment.

Jessica goes to the hotel and asks a receptionist to let her into Brody’ room, but is told he isn’t there. Jessica then calls Greg and demands that he find Brody. Greg then calls Estes and tells him that Jessica is becoming an issue. Estes says that he will have Brody call Jessica later to reassure her.

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Carrie sits down with the now-bandaged Brody. Carrie starts by mentioning how much he hurt her professionally, physically, and mentally. Brody responds by saying he never wore a bomb, but does apologize for hurting her. Carrie gets some water.

Next, Peter mentions to Saul that his stint with the knife was to make Carrie more trustworthy to Brody.
Carrie then disconnects the video feeds, but leave the audio feeds running. She then removes Brody’s handcuffs. She talks about support groups, what Nazir had done to civilians. Brody admits he lied about how awful the war really was. Carrie then suggests that he should stop lying, saying that she wants him to leave his family for her. Carrie says she thinks he is good b/c he didn’t go through with his plan to actually detonate the bomb he was wearing and mentions Dana’s call that stopped him. She talks about about the person whom she fell in love with, then asks about Nazir’s plan. Brody admits to knowing about a plan, but claims he doesn’t know what it is and give her Hammad’s name. Brody also mentions Bassel and the Saudi attaché. Saul then walks in tells Brody to call his wife and to tell her he will be home that night.

Dana tells Jessica that she will be picked up by Finn soon. Suddenly, Brody calls and he gives Jessica a vague explanation of where he’s been.

Dana then talks to Jessica about how much Brody has changed since he has been at war. Finn then arrives.

Carrie has to wake up the sleeping Brody off of the floor to give him an ultimatum: uncover Nazir’s plan or he’ll have to go to trial. Brody can never have a career in politics, but he will never be charged.

Cut to Dana saying she wants to have fun with Finn. Finn loses his secret service detail by speeding through a red light. He flies through an alley and, as he is exiting it, strikes a female pedestrian. Dana says they have to check on her, but Finn will not b/c of who his father is. They see that someone is helping her ion the rear view mirror, so they feel that is good enough of an excuse to flee.

Carrie informs Brody that the affair with her can be played off as a cover for their contact with Hammad. However, Brody feels that Nazir will go after his family after he figures out he’s working with CIA. To silence him, Carrie tells Brody that they will protect his family.

Brody arrives at his home, telling Jessica he’s been working with the CIA on a national security issue. Dana arrives home and goes to bed. Chris gives Brody a hug.

Carries arrives home and pours a glass of wine and sits on her couch.


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